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Watched it! Maybe I liked it. Maybe I didn't. Either way I watched it.

DVR'ed it! 0.068965517241379 6.9% [ 4 ]
Watched live on tv! 0.58620689655172 58.6% [ 34 ]
Was in the streets! 0.017241379310345 1.7% [ 1 ]
Had a royal seat! 0.10344827586207 10.3% [ 6 ]
Thanks to the Internet! 0.086206896551724 8.6% [ 5 ]
Missed it but came to see who did! 0.10344827586207 10.3% [ 6 ]
Disbelief destroyed the magic or Eew...romance. 0.03448275862069 3.4% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 58 ]
This poll closed on May 31, 2011.
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This is the place to sign if you watched the royal wedding of Prince William and his new wife Kate Middleton.
4laugh heart heart heart 4laugh
If you'd like to wish them happily ever after, please do.
If not please do it somewhere else...this is a place to celebrate a joyous occasion.
Thank you.

Tis a guestbook for those that watched...and have something nice to say or some wishes of well. Odds are against marriages these days sadly, so this is a place to help spread some love, and a little luck maybe.

Maybe you saw it in person, maybe you saw glimpses from the street, or maybe you watched on tv, maybe you just saw bits and pieces, etc.

If you didn't watch...don't bother posting here...this is not the place for you if you didn't watch. See first sentence.
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I watched the wedding live on TV. It was so beautiful and everyone looked so happy. The joy was infectious, even though the TV. razz Congratulations William and Kate! heart

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I saw part of it on tv and part of it in spanish class. biggrin
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I watched the wedding live on TV. It was so beautiful and everyone looked so happy. The joy was infectious, even though the TV. razz Congratulations William and Kate! heart


Yeah, William and Kate looked happier than Princess Diana and Princes Charles, so thats a good sign. Congrats exclaim exclaim
I TOTALLY had a royal seat. >.>

[Barely watched it... It was boring...]
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Romance isn't gross.

And I was watching House. Royal Wedding<Sarcastic MD
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I watched it for a while then went to a place called Aberfoyle and threw myself off trees. Was so much better than the wedding, they got married, bit woop, people get married all the time, they'll be divorced in no time. or here is hoping.
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Watched the vows! Thought what an honor for her parents...good lucks to them both. If they divorce, could possibly mean the end of the monarchy all together, that's a lot of pressure.
I watched it. The kiss on the balcony could have been longer, but it was beautiful all the same.
It was an okay wedding, I liked her dress, but I think Will and Kate more so went through with the wedding because they had to.
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I watched it live too.
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I watched it live on BBC Persian.
I wish your love lasts till the end of the world.
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I watched most of it. =)
I watched until I had to leave to go to one of my classes. Funny thing is, my German teacher started looking up videos of it during class.
They had some awesome looking hats going on.
I love Kate Middleton and Prince William <3 ^___^

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