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you have no life
well england is my origin country. so you can stfu.
Well I watched it in the afternoon on youtube.
But I mean....just because they stayed up doesn't mean they have no life neutral
It means that they are interested enough to see it.
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I got up about 8 ish, but yeah, I live in England.
4, and I am only 14.
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I was getting ready for work...what were you doing? How sad you can't appreciate a fairy tale story...and that you're so lonely that you lashed out on those that like a little romance.
I got up to see the wedding. I was interested in seeing the dress. It would give me idea to draw. But i was disappointed. Oh well.

i was tired in school though. lol. i was sleeping in class
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me too It was so worth it
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I forgot it was going to be on TV like around 3 am.
If I would of remembered, I would of woken up to see it.

If we wanted to see the wedding, it doesn't mean we have no lives.
It just means we were interested about this event.
Oh Todd
well england is my origin country. so you can stfu.
It needs to get the ******** off of my television. 30 Million dollar wedding by a image monarchy paid by the taxpayers of Britain. Good use of money there " chaps ".
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and if you complain about people getting up at 3:00 a.m. having no life, then you have no life and you just want to make other peoples lifes suck. I noticed your game.
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Oh Todd
well england is my origin country. so you can stfu.

itz so romantic heart
my brother was coming home on a bus
there was nothing else on t.v B|
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mmmm i think the English or those who lived in England have a right to watch it without being judged. I mean it their future king and queen....they should be excited. Us Americans who have never stepped on English soil in our life shouldn't be so obsessed though.


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