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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love weddings and princesses and flowers and the ruling class and tea and everything! I'm so nervous and excited, I could-- and very well might-- puke! And I guess it doesn't help that I've been eating daffodil trumpets all day... but yay! Big fancy wedding stuff!

I even made a special tea blend to celebrate... do you want to try some? I'm serving it in a special cup shaped like a crown... um, be careful, cause it's kind of hard to drink cause it's got some spikes around the lip. Please don't get mad if you cut yourself on it!

Wow, how wonderful. Thank you.
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I love it!
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Sorry, I lost control for a moment there.
It happens.
Thank you for the TEEEE-cough- Tea Cup.
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Everything I drink from this teacup tastes like blood for some reason...
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It looks lovely.
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Why thank you!
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Thank you!
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thank you!
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tea cups!

"grant?key=williamyunopickme" <-- is someone jealous? ;D
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Quite! ಠ_ృ Toodle pip and all that.
mrgreen yay
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Thank you! (:

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