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I think it suited her perfectly =D
I loved it! It was old fashioned but modern at the same time (if that makes sense.) I wish she could have done something with her hair, though.
Can anyone post a generic pic?
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i loved it! it was simple yet very elegant! biggrin

It was beautiful!
The bridesmaids looked lovely too!
Yeah the dress was amazing and i think it suited her figure perfectly

the bridesmaids dress was stunning!
so plane, so simple, it just looked beautiful i think she stole the show
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Thats what i thought too~
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I loved it It was so elegant and beautiful! She really looked like royalty. She's gonna make a great queen smile
it was AMAZING! smile
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This Insanity is Insane
she sould've studded the whole damn thing with diamonds

rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl you made my day

I really liked her dress, it made her look good so that she was the focus of attention and not the dress. Diana's dress was all about the dress >.<
Kates I think will be a classic like Jackie kennedy. Also I am SO glad it wasn't a strapless!!! I hate those wedding dresses! They make everyone look fat and flat unless your skinny and flat XD I mean unless you have the proper undergarments you hold things up but so many girls don't >.< Also, if you have too much lace and junk on a dress it takes away from you and makes you look fat XD It was also a nice dress for on tv where detail doesn't show up as much lol
I expected somehting more..............................................................................royal
i think its great... BUMP!
Adelina Wriddle
I thought Kate's dress was beautiful!

i agree i thought it was very pretty. elegant enough for someone marrying royalty yet simple enough to let her beauty show without the dress overpowering her. heart
Honestly, I really didn't like the dress all the much. The only thing remotely good about was that it was an Alexander McQueen.
However, it did sort of make her seem...elegant-ish. But the chest part was just awkward.
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I Loved It ..

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