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Honestly, I want to know your thoughts on this BS. I don't believe it's happening today. I don't believe it for a second.
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Australia survived.
I'm good.
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Honestly, if it does happen to just my city, then it'll be one of the funniest things that I'll have ever seen from hell.
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I'm a Christian and I think all of this is stupid. I feel like that since this is not going to happen people will loose faith and such. We're also getting a worse name for us as well. I really do not like being called a hypocrite or lier for that fact. I'm pretty laid back and accept everyone and I'm nice to them till they give me a reason not to be. Really that man needs the show taken away from him. He's giving Christian's a bad name and well freaking people out who actually believe in his stupid numbers. Numbers are over rated.

It was funny at first, but I really don't see why anyone would believe in this man. He's the same person that said it would happen in '94 and in '00. He's old and probably needs to go to a mental hospital. They can use all their damn numbers all they want [I'm not just saying this because I hate math and what not] but they forget to look in Matthew that Says no one will the day or time Jesus will return, but they will know by the season. So until then I'm going to get a car and continue with college as an art major 8D Kthxbai.
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I dont think the end of the world is today....no one knows!!!!!
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Exactly, no one knows. I'm not Christian, nor do I really believe in their God, but I always hold the thought that there's a possibility of them being right. That being said, I spoke to a couple Christian friends of mine, all of whom agreed with us about the falsehood of this man's claims. I may be mistaken, but from what my friends said, only God himself knows the time and day that all of this will go down, and that not even Jesus is supposed to know. So how can an ordinary human man determine the day. Using Science and Math, no less. Science has no say in the Christian beliefs, if I remember right. Also, from what my friends say, the bible's supposed 'clues' aren't to be taken as clues because they're so vague. And, acording to said friends, they said that there's a list of things that are supposed to happen before the end of the world comes, and every single one of the events are absolutely supposed to happen before the second coming. And, if I remember right, one of the last things to happen is the coming of a false profit. This, I admit, worries me a bit. Why? Because this man, in my opinion, is the previously mentioned False Profit. Constantly saying and insisting that the second coming is here, that the world will end on a certain day. Constantly riling people up in order to fulfil some sick pleasure.

But you know what I really think about this man? I think he's just one of those religious FREAKS that can't except that people have different beliefs. I think he's so far up his own a**, he believes that he's the one and only messanger of God. People like him are sick and demented, and cause a bad name for those TRUE Christians. I believe his mind has become twisted in his old age, and he feels he must make an impact or a change before he passes on. He's using all of this as a fear tactic, as a way to frighten and convert those of different religious beliefs, to cause everyone to feel doubts in their faith. And, as I said, his mind has become so twisted with lies and hate that he begins believing his own words. And, each time he fails, he makes some stupid excuse about how his calculations were wrong or something along those lines. In the end, all that happens is HE becomes a laughing-stock of the world, he and his 'faith' are ridiculed, and anyone who truly believed him are shot down. I have no doubt that people have either started losing their faith in him, or in their religion. This man, while trying to convert people into his way of thinking, is actually making people turn their bcks on him. He's failing miserably.

I am sorry to all of you Christians who have been ridiculed for this. I may not believe in your religion, but your faith and your thoughts are strong and true. I respect that. And so many of you, even though you stick true to your religion, allow people to believe in what they want, regardless if they believe you or not. And all this stupid BS is messing with the lives and faith of those of you who believe. Just know, you should never let one stupid, demented man change your faith. Look at all of this as a test from your God, to test your faith. Those who are true believers will hold their faith. I don't know how your God acts, this is only an assumption. But just think of it that way, and keep believing what you want.

Also, at least something good came from all of this crap. This looney got to spend a day with his wife, and I got a good laugh for once.
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Ok, ok, so get this. Harold Camping was confronted about his false prediction, and instead of confessing that he made a mistake, and taking responsibility for what he's done to the world, he continued with this prediction.

He said that Saturday was, in fact, a Spiritual judgement day, and that the world is supposed to end on OCTOBER 21. The guy who worked the Teleprompter for his latest Live speech had said he expected to see some human decency from him for making a mistake, but saw nothing of the like.

What are your thoughts on this new developement?
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Stubborn old man can't admit when he's wrong. Just because the end of his life is getting closer, doesn't mean it's true for the rest of us.

I predict he'll be wrong again and then start the rapture himself.
its a bunch of crap that im sick of hearing!!!

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