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Apocalyptic Genius

I confess, I let velociraptors eat my boyfriend, but it wasn't my fault he was slower than me.
One time, I ate a child.
I'm a muuuuuule!
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these kids think that they dont regret but do they know that hell , what these kids imagine is not fun at all its more than boiling lava. which u cant escape no matter how smart u r. so i wanna say that yall should goto church and do good because doin bad aint gonna satisfy you no matter how fun u had doing that bad stuff. you have no idea whats there in haven. in haven everyone will be like its there dream comin true so peacefull and delights to eat and drink and its more like a candy land well i just know u will have fun there plus everyday we will receive many great presents from Lord. u have no idea so people just be good and do good smile wish for everyones best no matter which religon they belong from. AMEN !!
ROFL these are fun threads.
I would hunt down my ex best friend & forcefully tell him I still love him and he's still my best friend in my heart no matter how he treats me. I don't really have anything to confess. Mainly because most things that people would confess I never will wink
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I let my friend down and I've never seen him since. Actually I meant to help him lose some weight you know, as he was gettin' rather portly. He tried diets and that cellophane wrap thing but nothin' seemed to help him. I thought a nice jog would lift his spirits and indicated to the local gang of raptors that he may need some motivation.

As I think on, shouting "Eat him, he has a bad leg!" was not a very good plan. How was I suppposed to know he was not a fast runner?
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I'm not as well-read as most people assume. I kind of hate Little Women even though I've never read it.

Oh, and I also can't stand some of my "friends". Emotional abusers, I'm feeding you to the raptors!
I used to "borrow" change from my mom's purse, but I never paid it back. xd
I feel bad whenever I think or talk badly of other people. I try not to, but I still do sometimes
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I killed a chicken emo
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Umm... I dunno cheese_whine

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