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ninja I spat in my bf's pie one night...and didnt tell him..and yet he ate it all. ninja
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Shirtless Entrepreneur

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I ate a real person.
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Ruthless Hunter

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I like chocolate cake! scream
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I r'z a reals persons.
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Original Shoujo

I was going to write something, but nothing came to mind. Looks like I'm in the clear.
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Blessed Friend

..-sigh-...I KNOW where Carmen Sandiego is. ) :
i did ur mom
my boyfriend is very sexy i would bang him
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Lady Wolf

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I keep toe nails in my closet and offer them blood sacrifices.
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I've been hiding Waldo away from the police all this time.
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O.G. Sex Symbol

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I kissed a girl... (And I liked it)

I'd like to confess that although I hate life; I don't want the world to end because my life is just about to start in the next five days.

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Devoted Receiver

Even though I'm a female IRL, I call myself a gay man.

Also, I regret not punching the stupid 'I'm so cool cause' I lost my virginity when I was 13' girls that go to my school in the face.

I have a major hatred for illiterate writing. D: Which I regret because I'm missing out on some good plot lines.
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It was I who shot the sheriff....But I DIDN'T shoot the deputy... ahhh glad I got that off my chest.
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Newbie Elder

I've never been in love with my husband... I'm only still with him because he reminds me of the man I'm REALLY in love with (who's engaged to my best friend's sister).

(Btw, don't quote me or send messages over this, k? Leave me and my PTSD alone. The raptors enjoy my honesty D: )

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