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Shadowy Gatekeeper

I once stole a pack of gum from the corner store, then cried about it when I got home before going back and paying for it.
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Dapper Prophet

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I've been neglecting Gaia.
I'm sorry, my love. gonk
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I hate you all. stare
I believe excessive ignorance is a crime.
I think idiots should be denied the right to procreate.
Evolution is real... deal with it.
I spend way too much time here
I once shot a man to see him die.
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Dangerous Dark Elf

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Stole my ma's credit card.

When I was eight.
-regret NOTHING-
But I repented so I'm GUD. cool
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Lady Firestarter

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I regret that doomsday is before Fanime
I also regret that I have not learned to drive
I especially regret not making as many of my dreams and ideas come true
I also regret my dearly departed pets, killed through childish ignorace
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I made a spam post.

Have any guilty confessions? Anything you've wanted to get off your chest? Create a mule if necessary and put it here! Raptors can sense both fear and guilt.
It is pronounced Rapture not Raptor.
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Precious Vegetarian

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I confess that Im a natural blond!!
I have been hiding it for sooo long...
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Ruthless Genius

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I did Risky Angels c:<
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Blessed Friend

Fried Tree
I kissed a girl... (And I liked it)

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Star Survivor

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I taught a raptor how to open a door.

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