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umm i've about a lot things if not proud of because it was 2 hard 4 me 2 tell the truth. i've also done of somethings i really cant say, and i wish i've did them because some of them were really stupid. if i had the chance 2 tell my dad everything i would b he is gone now...
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I must confess I was a participant in the great Hippie Massacre of 2006.
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Im a whore!!!! i cheat mostly on every one i need a sex god i masterbate in bed and give cigs and drugs to my sister for money i wrote on the bath room wall i hit my baby brother ive kicked the dogs p***s ive had sex with a pillow i love wedgies i have a crush on 2 guys here r the inshals ct and tw im 16 and still not on my period gonk crying redface smile biggrin i feel all better now sorta
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to much to confess, these next seven years are going to suck. biggrin
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i ate the last Popsicle that my sister said she was gonna eat o_O
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I've never learned to ride a bike... gonk
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I confess that when the Alpocolyps comes, I will be waiting with my good friend Ricky, for my own personal Christmas At Ground Zero for One More Minute. I'll make Phony Calls to all of my friends telling them just how White And Nerdy I am. I'll run to the nearest confessional and cry out to the Midnight Star, crying out that the Checks In The Mail, wailing how I Lost On Jeopardy! I'll take my Velvet Elvis in my hands, and begin my long walk down the Nature Trail To Hell, with my King Of Suede and Waffle King beside me, holding my hands as we fight off the evil Germs of the raptor. However, as the Saga Begins, I'll use my Polka Power to fight through the villainous Party At The Leper Colony. Realizing that I'm just a useless Couch Potato, I'll sing an Ode To A Super Hero and ask for a Genius From France to help me see that It's All About The Pentiums. But then, its just a Complicated Song. In the end, I won't be able to win, however, with a last rousing call to Bob, I know that I'll be able to do at least some good in fighting off the powers of evil by running to the Hardware Store, and in remembering the Night Santa Went Crazy, I'll reach for my wrench of power, tipping the cashier with a donor Pancreas, I'll be Close But No Cigar, with how fast I have to get the Virus Alert out. Letting everyone know that in my Confessions Part 3, I joined in on Weasel Stomping Day, but then, I was just a Canadian Idiot. But you can't get mad at me for this, because not only do I have CNR on my side, but baby, I Perform This Way!
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Epic cow art by ShirouEn~<333
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I'm lazy =w=

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I don't like people.
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"I once threw a sequin in someone's eye"

not my confession, but it's on the quotations wall of my philosophy classroom and honestly, I reckon it will do for me.
I secretly hate random people for no reason whatsoever, and I feel really bad about it, honestly. I don't know why I do that. :/
I can't swim.
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One time I ate at McDonalds
I don't really like dogs.
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i been lying to everyone about me looking for a job gonk
and i know i need one
but i dont feel like doing anything
but drawing, eating, and sleeping gonk crying emo

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