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We are SAVED. The Anons are coming, the Anons are coming!
Woooh ~

( Thank you, messieurs Anon and all of the rest of them that are here ~ )

Anon list below.
First of all, I'd like to give a really, really big thank you to all of the Anons who have gifted anyone in this event and in the past ones - and in the ones to come! Secondly, I would like to make the list, so I'll do that now.

Please let me know if you have any to add, because we wouldn't want to miss one and make them feel left out!

Anons known to have gifted during this event:

- A Fairy.
- A Strangely-Bland-Looking-Gaian.
- Mr. Monster Guy
- No1curr anon
- The Speaker
- TS
- ST
- Storyteller
- St. Salvatore Apocalittico

This so-called "Raptor" or Rapture seems to be called off, but none the less we anons are here to save you and be your new Gods guardian angels. But be weary, not all of us are willing to save you.. Some may be against that very cause.

Either way, take this. You'll need it if an injury is spawned from this whole fiasco.

- Storyteller

Aww, thank you Story <3
G - Gods? Do I have to worship the Anons now?

"Praise the Anons, for they are above us.
Our guardian angels, those who make peace.
They will make the world so fair and just
Though they never turned water to wine during feasts."

I think that could work, I'm happy to grovel at Anons' feet.
Thanks again! I love your message. I'll be sure to hide from the Fallen Angels who I should be weary of. I refuse to believe they were never Angels.
The Anons have come! YAY! I'm running from a raptor right now, so can you help me please? wahmbulance
I - ... A dinosaur? I suppose... But it's not like I c - care. Because caring is for losers. Feeling is wr - wrong. I have to be emotionless to be perfect. But... I can try to protect you. Make sure Sissy can't hurt me, okay?
-leaps in front of Raptor-
This mi - might be fun. Sissy's never l - let me out of my r - room before.

Go on, r - run. I'll handle R - raptor. He - he just needs cleansing, right?


Thank you unknown benefactor! You bought me enough time to climb this tree and seek sanctuary with a tribe of sentient squirrels. They know Sissy and they'll, um, deal with her. Thanks for cleansing that raptor. It's so shiny now! I hope it won't get sick from eating that sponge you were holding.
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Haha! I love this xD
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Shameless Shapeshifter

Are the anons going to stop the raptors from coming?
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Awz I love anons ; u;
Especially the creepy anons...'Specially since I was a few creepy anons myself for our last v-day event o uo

*crosses fingers for anon love*
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Its Official!


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I -... Who the hell are you?!?
Why am I stalking your thread?!?

~ TS

Aww, that's alright. I'm happy to have such a gentleman stalking my thread.
And I'm a Gaian, remember? Not that hard.
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We are SAVED. The Anons are coming, the Anons are coming!
Woooh ~

( Thank you, messieurs Anon and all of the rest of them that are here ~ )

What the heck is an Anon?

I know!
Ew, creepy Anons. I tried to be a creepy Anon once, but it ended in me completely failing.
Good luck <3
Also, I love your avi.

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