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In all matter of events their are multiple choices for all of us, in this scenario there are those who are goody-goodies and go to "heaven" and those who get left behind in the new and improved "hell on earth", with this Anti-Christ guy. sounds fun don't it. So the choice we have in in how we die. heres a few examples; Anti-Christ kills you in some horrible and grotesque way, or you off yourselves!!! but what is the most imaginative way to do so, lets here what you have to say!!! twisted evil ninja
I guess I'll contribute.

Well, I'd first be walking down the street, which streams of cooling lava are now flowing through the cracks. I'd see the Anti-Christ off in the distance. Knowing I can't escape, I'd battle it out one last time.

Wild Anti-Christ appeared!
Simplent used Tackle!
The attack missed!
Wild Anti-Christ used Rock Slide!
Critical Hit!
Simplent used Scratch!
It's not very effective...
Wild Anti-Christ used Hyper Beam!
Simplent fainted.

And that's how it would all go down.

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