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All Theists Are So Stupid

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Nostalgic Melody
I'm a Christian and I just wanna say for the record...

Just because some people in the faith royally screwed up, it doesn't mean you should hold it against the rest of us. I (one of MILLIONS of fellow Christians) didn't believe it for a half a second.

Some of us do remember those parts of the scripture and do believe in facts and have based our faiths around those facts so please cut some of us a break.

That's why the title of this thread will explain my reasoning for putting "SOME"

Oh, no, I noticed that. I guess I was just making a general blanket statement because I was too lazy to create my own thread. lol!
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Roty the Dark Hero

I bet your a proud Rule 39er...

    What's Rule 39?
    Sorry for my ignorance . . .

Caps lock is cruse control for cool.
I can't believe some of my friends believe that...
Really, what I don't understand is, how can people fight over religion? How can people kill and torture in the name of religion or take others' freedom just because they don't believe in the same god? There is no wrong nor right, there is no better and worse.
Religion and beliefs should be a sanctuary, something to carry within ourselves, something to reassure us in hard times, something to give us hope and something to hang on to when there's nothing else left.
I for one am atheist, but that doesn't mean I don't believe. It's just not a "person" I believe in and I do not follow the rules of a man-made church, as I see these as a way to control people.
I had to go through times in my life I couldn't have handled without this belief, and this is what I think "religion" should be.
It should NOT be a reason for wars or the killing or depression of people, and it should certainly not be something to follow fanatically without accepting any other opinions. It should be a guide, maybe something to align our lifes to when we don't know how to proceed by ourselves, and something to tell us, we are not alone.
A jew is not a worse person than a Christian, nor is a Muslim or an Atheist. It's all about respect, just live and let live.
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Roty the Dark Hero
Roty the Dark Hero

I bet your a proud Rule 39er...

    What's Rule 39?
    Sorry for my ignorance . . .

Caps lock is cruse control for cool.

    Oh, haha, and here I thought it meant all yelling.
    That's what my friends and I use it for, anyway. ;p
Should I feel bad that as soon as I read that the OP was Jewish I laughed and didn't even care to try to make a serious reply? And I'm a Baptist. xD

Well, apart that there's a Jew amongst us, there's just too many threads with what she've said to even care anymore.
When I came here, I was really annoyed with the title, but you basically summed up what I was saying before. The Bible so very clearly says that the day and hour is unknown. And the people who claimed to be Christian and believed Camping shouldn't call themselves Christian. They don't even read the Bible. Ugh. People are so blind and stupid. And do you see what this man has done?Some people were so upset over the the rapture not happening that they killed themselves and other non-believers are making fun of our beliefs. They're posting pictures of people's clothes lying on chairs. Camping makes every Christian look like we're bad guys. But I guess we can't expect any different. The Bible also says that Christians will be persecuted and they won't like us. Camping is also one of the false prophets we were warned of. Those were signs of the end being near. eek
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It wasn't all Christians that thought this though. I'm not saying that's what you're saying, I'm just pointing out that it wasn't the whole group, which I guess is why you put "some Christians". I feel like the whole group is being labeled for Camping's mistake. I agree, it says in the Bible that no one, not even the Son knows when the rapture will happen. To ignore that doesn't show stupidity I don't think, but bad judgement.
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Also very gullible -_-
Nostalgic Melody
Nin Ur
I dunno how I feel about all the people who went and blew all their money/life savings and what not.

:T Like... Really? You're gonna believe a man that's been soooo wrong before?

I either want to laugh and poke fun at them or shake my head and wonder how they got to be so naive they would believe this dude.
I don't feel sorry for them though. They did it to themselves. They have no excuses.

I can't either. It's their own faults, unless it affected someone of innocence like a child baby their spouse Etc.

There was actually a news report on a woman who killed her children because she didn't want them to suffer during the supposed rapture. :<

Hearing stuff like that makes me mad some people could be so blind. Really, taking the life of your own child? I'd think twice, more even, before letting ONE man tell me the world was going to end and making that quick of a decision. :c
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I knew that verse... so I didn't believe Camping.

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