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Besides, demons and devils are two different entities. Seriously, you need to study your demonology more. ;D
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Dear god (please take note of the little "g" ) rofl
I love how you're throwing around the word atheist like it's a disease or an insult. I also love the fact that you're all "U MADE GAYJESUS UP!!!" when, in fact, most religions were "made up". I personally do not believe in the Christian faith due to my open mindedness and this God fellow being such a disappointment. I prefer the followings of more of the Eastern belief because there is more physical evidence that the people that began said beliefs were alive and kicking. And, for the sake of humanity, don't be all "there is plnty of evidense!!!11!!!!!1!!". I won't trust in your hearsay or a book that has been so changed and so manipulated.

People like you, who lose it over things like this, don't belong on the internet...or even outside of your own house. This world is full of people who speak up about their own beliefs and opinions.. and they have every right to whether it offends you or not. So the best thing for you to do, for your own sake, is to just ignore it or else isolate yourself from the world.

I don't believe in a god or all this religion bullshit but I don't lose it over people who tell me I'm going to hell because I don't believe or bullshit like that.

You need to wake up to reality and see that not one person on this gigantic ******** planet is the same so ********' deal with it and just ********' go on with your life.
I think the message we can all take from this thread is that heterochristians are disgusting heathens who did not read their scripture.

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