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Lady Phantom

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Hm... As for eating... Well, I think I'd like a steak before the Raptor, if I had the chance... If not... Well, then I'll be a steak for the Raptor.

I'm definitely not afraid of the end of the world... If it ends, it ends. Then I'll get to see what the next world is like.
I will pig off on chocolate and enjoy the real nice deals in either RL or Gaia.
I will keep on dancing till the world ends.
~Spend time with my family
~Tell my crush that I dearly love him and give him a kiss
~Call my friends and family, telling them I love them.
~Be on Gaia.
~Have a stack of food in case if I still live
~Go to Best Buy and steal as much as Cash Cards as I can, but I don't be able to enjoy them much...
~If I could fight, I would have a sword and a couple of guns and lots of ammo
~If I have friends who fight, I would bring them along
~If my family were secretly agents and ninjas, I would bring them also
~Keep a Raptor's head.

...That's all I can think of... c:
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Super Cutie-Pie

I would go to chinese food with my family, then i'd go to the expensive zoo in my area.

I'd probably call my best friend and cry, a lot too @_@
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Codebreaking Sex Symbol

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I would refuse to check my email and Facebook for one whole day!
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Dangerous Stalker

I would violate and then eat everything within grabbing distance. smile
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Aekea Businesswoman

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A LOT of people want to get laid. Good for you guys.

I'd spend all day listening to this song.
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Vicious Shapeshifter

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If you knew that the world was going to end in 24 hours due to a vicious Raptor attack, what would you do? What foods would you eat? What long-put-off phone calls would you make? What wrongs would you right?

I'd jump the hottest man around [apocalypse sex FTW!], spend some time with my family and then call all my friends and organize the greatest party ever because hey!, there's no point in ruining the last moments of our lives angsting!
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Dangerous Werewolf

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I would just have a normal meal and face it head on. What ever happens, happens.
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Fashionable Capitalist

I would probably go to the theater and watch every movie I could while eating all the junk food I want. Because if the world ends tomorrow then why worry about money and calories?
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Sweet Connoisseur

Tell my family I love them then go see my bf and have passionate sex with him till we both vanish from this world.
heart Id try to make it with my fam and call my dad even if he is a jerk
I would just love to see the girl I love...and now these bloody raptors are gonna ******** it all up -_-
Hmmm, I would spend some time enjoying myself with my family and friends. I would tell the boy I like to kiss me damn it, but then probably get drunk/high just so i could say that I've done it. Then I would throw myself off the edge of the Grand Canyon screaming, "The only thing that kills me is me bitches!" as soon as apocalyptic rage came close. Ah yes, a spiteful death indeed. One last little screw you before I kick it, yes?
I enjoy the simple things like everyone else:

- have a lot of sex
- have a couple of types of food I love
- probably blow all my money to go to places I've always wanted to go to
- have more sex
- tell all the people I care about things I could never tell them before
- have sex again
- tell all the people I hate to go shove off and tell them why, no matter how heartless it
- more sex

if I could get all that in a day, that'd be fabulous, unlikely, but fabulous.

I'd probably just have a bunch of sex, tell the people I love things important, curse out the people I hate, and eat some good food.

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