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If you knew that the world was going to end in 24 hours due to a vicious Raptor attack, what would you do? What foods would you eat? What long-put-off phone calls would you make? What wrongs would you right?

I'd like to spend it with my friends and family... Eating chocolate and cuddling with Oni Wa Soto while I wait for the world to end. x3
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Savage Loiterer

Probably cry at the thought of losing everyone dear to me, say good bye to my family, friends, and say hello to a knew life that would come through death.

Also most importantly cook a feast for my loved ones...
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Eloquent Enabler

I'd try to see all my friends one last time so we could have one biiiig farewell party!
shopping spree
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Hmm I'd definitely have a giant hamburger right before the end of the world so that I could enjoy it without consequences. d:
I'd fight til' my last breath
laugh at everyone
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I'd sleep, I'd sleep, that's all. I don't care for much else.
i would get a bunch of guns and bullets to kill the raptors :p
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Fluffy Cat

Spend time with relatives and friends.
Pizza party.
Go to bed and pass away in my sleep.
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do things that are worth it
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I would probably spend the day Raptor proofing my house :p
I have healing powers so no worries about dieing. The null might get a little crowded though if all of Gaia gets knocked out at once.
hmm... I guess I have to finish my paintings and comissions. X_X
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Shirtless Cat

Cause mischief everywhere. blaugh

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