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Did you read the rules in post 1?

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No, I don't care, I will attack wolves and you may report me for trolling. 0.12991866344251 13.0% [ 591 ]
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EDIT: This was a fun thread but the event is over now. The only way to become a wolf is to get your Gro-Gain Max or go to the MP and search for Werewolf and you can maybe buy the wolf form from another Gaian. Good luck, and thanks, and let's do something fun like this again next Halloween!

Otter Smoochies! heart

Welcome! This is a friendly, cooperative variation on the game. I am not a wolf or a human. I am an otter.



To become a wolf: no guarantees but some percentage of killed humans will become wolves.

1. Do not attack the wolves in this thread. If you kill them or reduce their health and energy, we won't be able to change you into wolves. There are lots of other threads where you may attack wolves. Not this one!

2. Post here when you have some health. If you die, and you don't come back as a wolf, go heal in the human forum with only one post, come back with 10 or less health, and post again. We can't turn you when you're dead or protected. We will try to use "Infected Bite" on your killing stroke because it improves your chances, but it's still no guarantee.

3. No "poaching" or "camping" or "ninja attacks." Remember, we can see your name in our stats so even if you don't post here we will find you. If you attack the wolves in this thread we will retaliate as a pack, so just don't.

Thanks! Happy to help you to an exciting future as a wolf.


1. If you attack only in this thread, where all the humans want to become wolves, you will be considered a member of the pack and we'll help protect you. Post and/or kill in other threads and you might get hunted there, and we can't stop that. If you are attacking in other threads the people you attack have every right to attack you back, no matter where you are or aren't posting.

2. Try to use one Infected Bite on each human in the killing attack, if you have it, as this gives them a greater chance of becoming a wolf. Be sure to check their health level. We are asking them to come post here with low health but they might not understand that. Remind them gently. It's okay to use higher-level attacks while they have lots of health, if you want, but be careful because they might be getting Bite and Claw from more than one wolf, and then we accidentally could kill them without using Infected Bite.

3. Remember to post here to keep your energy up. And you can join us for healing at this thread if you would like.


Further details for Humans:
Keshhi Kokoshi
It’s not guaranteed, and it can take a long time, but, to become a wolf:

We can’t bite you while you’re dead or for the short time after you die while you’re protected.

To stop being dead you must post in a human thread, but be sure of this: Post in no human threads but this one. Folks there know enough not to go healing you against your will.

Next, you need to keep your energy low. So use your energy up in other threads healing or attacking.

Of course you need to keep your health low. So if you die, and you don't come back as a wolf, go to the human forum and post once only to bring your health back up to 10. Then go out and post in the general forum threads again where wolves can get you.

Remember, DO NOT BITE the wolves at this thread.

Good luck!

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Come for the murder and stay for the snacks! whee

*goes face and eyes into the snacks* Omnomnom.

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I'm here for the murdering, I'm all for the murdering
Do we get anything from killing werewolves? emotion_c8
Nothing like a full food dish after a long day of mayhem. Milkbone, anyone?
Keshhi Kokoshi
Nothing like a full food dish after a long day of mayhem. Milkbone, anyone?

I'd love one.

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Hygienic Humorist

I like snacks! :3 *starts nomming*
Do we get anything from killing werewolves? emotion_c8

Yes, oh yes. You get something. You get a tummyache. Best to leave werewolves alone. wink
Would any of our human guests care for a bite? twisted


Hmm. Do we need to change the thread title to something that attracts more humans?
Then again maybe it's best to post in a quiet thread to get energy, then go uptown to one of those big city threads with a lot of humans in them when we're feeling hungry.

That's what I'm doing. 3nodding


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