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Mae waited nervously for the officer to return, only half listening to the conversations around her. Konani's voice cut through her thoughts though, like finger nails on a chalk board. Oh if she could only plant her pointy heel in his stupid smug face.

When the officer returned, Mae waited on baited breath while they spoke. Then McBlarny said she was lucky, and Mae finally began to breath normally again, sliding down in her seat. Everything was ok this night, she would worry about the aftermath tomorrow.

[[ This is going to end tonight before midnight, although it might be archived before everyone can post. The winners will be announced though, and you can PM me with any questions. Thank you! ]]
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Beni snapped at the officer. "Dirty! How dare you! You insignificant little worm! My father is a noble, kind man! His vision could change Gaia forever! But you...you are just like the rest of them. You don't care about the larger picture! You care only about yourself, your own advancement, your own greed!" Finally, her grasp on her drag proved too much and it broke in half. Beni held the broken drag in her hand for a moment, before tossing it at Officer McBlarny. "Here! Take it! You've already taken enough from me."

She had already gone this far, shedding her calm demeanor and revealing the dark underside. There was no turning back. Still, as a desperate tear lined her eye, she begged her father for forgiveness in a solemn tone. "Forgive me, Father..."
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[[ This is just the host NPC, she won't actually participate in the RP. ]]

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McBlarny caught the broken drag as it was thrown at him, and observed Beni's outburst with his trained eye. He passed the pieces to another officer to test the ashes, then turned his attention to the remaining suspects.

McBlarny watched the group closely while they waited for the results of the test. All of these people certainly seemed capable of the murder if given the chance, but only one was the murderer. The officer returned after sometime, bringing the results he had been expecting. Nodding to a nearby officer, he stepped forward to Beni, and put handcuffs on her, while reading her her rights. He might not know all the details right now, but the ashes by the body perfectly matched the ones from Beni's drag. Finally the long night ended, and the doors were unlocked.

Thank you all for joining us on this adventure! The winners who correctly guessed Beni as the murderer were Hyunah & luckycharms444! As for the last contest, Ra won the male contest, and Konani the female! Sorry for the rush in the end, thank you guys again so much <3

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Mae stood up, her knees still a bit weak, her legs shaky. It had been a long and crazy night. She cast a glance at Beni, it was very sad, Mae had grown to really like the girl. Honestly given the opportunity, she could not say with confidence that she would not have murdered Kathryn. Mae had a feeling it might be like that with several of the others too.

Walking towards the door, she called her chauffeur, to make sure he was outside and waiting. Mae turned to look back into the quickly emptying mansion. It looked like Noir would get to keep her rose brooch, as he certainly did not seem to be making any sort of reappearance. She knew her own personal troubles were just beginning, and she wondered if Nilda and Konani would also suffer some sort of interest into their personal lives. Oh well, one day at a time.

[[ Thank you again everyone, I had a lot of fun <3 ]]
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The woman grinned at the sight of Beni's handcuffs, "Wow. . . Didn't expect that one. Then again, that's when you know the joke is good. Everything depending on the punchline! Lovely theatrics. So much for paradise, unless that's what you call the barred hotel you have a reservation at. Must be nice to take a vacation from all of us, don't you agree?"

One of the officers came back to the detective with a violently wriggling bag. "Sir, I found a demonic imp that was described by the other guests."

Nilda's face thinned into a hard frown. "Hand him over, I believe he's got a few things that belong to the other guests."

"We need to take him in to confirm your alibi as well as thievery," the officer said as he struggled with the bag. Of course the bag tore open as the imp switched forms get himself loose from the cop. The officer was surprised from the sudden change as per usual reaction when the event was initiated without warning.

Noir rolled out of the bag that once contained him and tried to fly off. However, his escape was cut short with a solid hit to the face by Nilda. The imp was sent tumbling to the ground, reeling from the surprise attack. His mask was thrown off, yet he cared little about it. Noir held his jaw, wincing at the pain before the collar of his jacket was jacket was held fast by his housemate. Before Noir could say anything, he was shaken. Muffled clinks of precious metals and stones were heard.

Nilda scowled, "You've been busy. . . ."

"As if this party was actually entertainin-" The imp was cut off as he was stripped of his fine tailored jacket. A sorts of glittering items cascaded to the floor in a disorganized mess as Nilda shook out the contents of his hidden pockets. One of which was Mae's silver onyx brooch, which landed in a nest of precious pearls. Noir made another attempt to bolt but was swatted down by his housemate with his own jacket.

"That's not all you have, is it?" the woman smiled dangerously.

"Gak!" He was pulled back and what proceeded in plain view was a hastily done strip search. More stolen valuables fell out of his attire like a broken pinata at a party. Once cleaned out, the disgruntled stripped imp growled at Nilda. His face was glowing red as he changed back into his smaller form. Not like he had much choice with his clothes all over the floor now.

Nilda scooped up the defeated imp and held him in an iron grip before the officers could take him away. "I do hope that you have a bigger bag. Otherwise you don't have much hope in bringing him in," the masked woman glared. "Besides, the stolen items are here. If there's more missing, I can hang him out to dry."
((Thank you all for joining us~!))
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Beni didn't resist when the handcuffs were put on her. Finally, her calm demeanor returned, though it was really too late for it. She avoided eye contact with the officer, of course. But she looked at Mae and mustered a weak smile. She had liked the time they spent together, even if Beni did at some points try to accuse Mae. She frowned at Nilda, who seemed to be taking immense pleasure in Beni's misfortune. Beni shook her head. It would end for her soon enough. It may not be by her own hand but Beni was sure of it. "Do not think that my arrest will stop the inevitable. I am not alone in my endeavor. I am but a willing sacrifice, a means to the end..."

Beni snorted as Noir was brought in and all the stolen goods, or at least most of them, were recovered. At least Mae would get her brooch back and that devilishly handsome albeit sneaky imp would be, she hoped, reprimanded in some way.

Turning her gaze to the officer, Beni spoke one last time, "I believe your justice system awaits."

(It's been a blast! biggrin Hope ya'll had fun!)
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Detective Taller was shocked. He was wrong. He was wrong. He couldn't solve the case. He would've, if he'd followed his gut instinct, but no, he had to over-think and... now he wouldn't get any answers. If he'd just- ... "woulds" and "coulds" again, he was getting sick of it.
He got up from his table slowly and walked outside, paying no attention to his surroundings, like a... like a walking corpse. If he'd solved that case, he might have gotten a hint to who his killer was... there could've been a connection... there he went again, "what if" and "if only"... but maybe he would've found a clue, he was so sure of the connection... that was probably what the captain called "too personal"... and what could be more personal than solving your own murder?
He was cold, tired and undead. He just wanted to go home. And so he did.
(Beni was my first guess, but I went over the list again and came up with some stupid theory for another suspect in a hurry. Curse my over-thinking! But all in all, it was a great time.)
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Not that he had guessed, suspected- or even bothered with the woman who ended up in the cuffs, The Kon simply had to wait -urgh- for another few moments before he was let go of.
Whatever news were to become of him would be good news, steadily increasing the blast of his name through people's minds and perhaps even down a few history-books?

Oh well- finally he could leave this dreadful party!
It wasn't one of the worst he had been to... or perhaps it had been, he didn't bother with re-thinking his choises after they had been made.

-Throwing off his old outfit and changing into a new one once his ride arrived, he smirked to himself -pulling out his own black drag again and lighting a new smoke.
Slipping into the slim black limo, he dissappeared for the next interesting occation.

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