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[[Ah, this is adorable~ May I join in?]]

[[ please do :3 ]]
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x x x x x x x x THE MASKED BUNNY LADY

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                                                Although most people would dress up in horrid and creepy outfit's for Halloween. When it comes to a Masquerade, this female wanted to dress up in a more elegant formal wear then anything else. With a white mask, with tips rising up pressing against her face, covering her face, her silver-grey eyes stared out of the holes of the mask, as only her lower face was seen. With the mask on, it also hid her beauty mark that she had hidden on the right side of her face as well. White hair, curling and almost moving on it's own, went all the way down to her waist, while a very elegant and white and light blue outfit collection upon her form. The one noticable thing about her, was a pair of bunny ears coming out the top of her head, that twitched a few times. These were NOT a addition to her costume, these ears were real. But with the coloring and such, most would believe they were fake and thought this was just part of her outfit for this holiday. Moving forward slightly, Epic Faye smiled as she stared up at the door to the vacant mansion that she was invited to this year. Attending parties, was something Epic rarely did in the first place, but she wanted to attend this year at least, until she had to leave for when winter came.

                                                Taking in a deep breath, she moved forward and soon opened the front doors slowly to enter. The sound of talking and a slight rise of music was heard, as she glanced around the foyer to see a few people lingering here or there. But the bulk of the music, she could hear coming deeper within the mansion and knew there must be a ballroom or something somewhere. But so far, Epic wanted to hang out around in the foyer first, just to get a handle of everything. But once entering, she felt the atmosphere, and shivered at the feeling. Oh yes, a creepy air, this was a perfect place for a masquerade.

                                              ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ◇◈◇
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There was once a little dream. No one knows who had dreamt it,
It was really such a small dream. This made the little dream think...
"I don't want to disappear. How can I make people dream me?"
The little dream thought... And at last had an idea.
"I will make people come to me, and they will make my world."

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Walking slowly into the formerly-abandoned mansion was a dark-haired young adult with red eyes, a strapless sweetheart gown in red and black draping her lithe body and flaring out from her hips into a full skirt with several layers of black fabric beneath to give the appearance of crinoline without the stiff shape. Wrapped around the dress was a thorned crimson rose as a belt, and adorning the top edge of the neckline was a lightly-glowing blue pendant, the middle shard of which was a shard of metal glowing in the same blue as the two accent crystals. Perched atop the girl's head was a small black top hat with a red bow and two black feathers, pinned jauntily in place with a few scattered ruby-or-onyx-topped hairpins that matched perfectly with the rubies in the girl's pointed mask.

Arriving at the masquerade ballroom, the brunette paused momentarily to glance around, tilting her head slightly to one side and smiling, crimson-painted lips quirking upwards just slightly in a variant of the emotion of amusement.

During this, two children went into the woods.
They had a tea party under rose trees.
An invitation from the castle for them was...
The Trump Card of Hearts.

...They were never woken from their deep dreaming;
Forever they wandered in the Wonderland.

[[Why thank you~]]
Her arrival? Wonderful. Katrina Gesin had been rather swept up by all the glamor, costumes and splendid noise that the entire masquerade seemed to generate. The whole feel of the place echoed up and down the room, and down to your bones to give you the most delightful tingling sensation. Like electricity or, on a more delectable level, champagne passing through you.

But speaking of champagne, she was currently on her second glass (a carefully calculated sip every few minutes) of it, and developing a close relationship with the nearest piece of wall. A fetching piece of wall it was; nice complexion and a sense of style. What more could a girl ask for? Well, save for actual good conversation with something animate that didn't make her look like an escaped loony. She sighed and took a drink from her wine, too dry, a gave the room a once over. Really, you should stop being such a wallflower, Katrina. something inside her piped up, and she struggled to keep her face from contorting into a scowl at said voice. It would've been most unbecoming.

But maybe it was (damnably) true. She probably should socialize more. After all, it was better to be talked about than not at all. Or, in this case, just plain talked to.

In any event, she was about to leave her friend the wall when she noticed someone. A brunette in red and black. Noticing her wasn't really the special bit; she'd been taking careful note of, if only out of admiration, the costumes all evening. On any other moment, she might've written off the woman and gone on her way, but she was already determined to actually do something on this night besides get drunk. She made her way over, shoes tapping softly on the floor, but the noise was probably lost in such a ballroom.

Katrina mimicked the women's head tilt. "What's so interesting?"

((I hope it's okay that I'm posting. ><;; ))
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Suddenly, the urge to dance was too much for Stella to resist. So, she made her way out onto the dance floor and listened to the music. She started just moving back and forth a bit to the beat of the song. Soon, though, her toes were tapping, and her arms waving about a little. Then, as Stella allowed the music to take over the thought processes, and her fear of being ridiculed was drowned by the melody, Stella's dancing gained fervor. Her arms rose and fell gracefully, and she turned circles every now and then. Her feet lifted and tapped down lithely. Stella's long dark hair flaired around her, moving a step behind her movements. Her shoulders started to wiggle, and her skirt fanned out with every spin. Soon enough, Stella was lost in her own dancing world.
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[[ Welcome! Glad to have you :3 ]]

Mae laughed at the comment, snatching another glass as a waiter drifted by.

"I think it might be two parts moxie, one part champagne." She said, laughing again quietly to herself. Glancing around, she watched as people entered the ball. A women dressed as a giant snake caught her attention, this really was going to be fantastic. Grabbing yet another glass from a passing waiter, she offered it to Beni.

"How about some liquid moxie for yourself?"

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Arriving late, of course! -As was only the custom of men his stature, The Kon arrived fashionably late with a long drag spreading thin threads of slow-killing smoke slipped between his fingers.

Hips swaying and hard heels smashing against the fancy floor, this thang~ waltzed his way inside as if he owned the place.
-With enough persuation, he probably could as well...

Harsh eyes of criticism swept over the party's participants as he went, barely taking note of all the fancy costumes. -Why on earth would he, since they were not himself?

-Inspecting the lifestock of the fancy little gathering, The Kon noted quietly to himself the lack of fashionable others of his same gender. Icky females spread all around could almost make his skin crawl unless he had taken the precaution to polish his skin dearly before leaving home.

[joining the party~
ans soon time for bed. very-soon, since it's 5_25 am _xD!]

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[[Glad I caught this before it got along too far--hello fellow Stein-ers]]

"What odd elegance" Hyunah thought to herself upon entering the front room and observing the guests partaking in what seemed to be a normal masked ball. She made her way over to the bar, to get a drink; the only way to properly warm up to a bunch of strangers. "What divine decadence" she murmured after her first warming sip.Continuing to ogle the party goers; the many colors and shapes of their outfits delighting her. "Tonight shall be great" she thought " Although" she wondered " I need to find a date" For indeed she should not have left the house unattended to, anything could happen. Just the thought was worry-some. She took another drink, holding tighter to the glass as if to save herself.
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((.n. Guys, I think I ******** up. I got bored and made a freebie thread. I may not be as active as I should be but I'll still post when I can.))

Nilda watched the new comers filters themselves into the ballroom. She was tired of carrying her date around so she left the imp sit on her head. "My, my. . . Such gorgeous gowns. Makes me want to put them on some mannequins and put them on display at home." She watched one of the girls dance by herself on the dance floor. How lonely yet entertaining. "Hey, Noir, go dance with her," Nilda smiled.

"What? In this? No." The imp puffed.
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((some activity is better than none--good luck dear))

Hyunah was delighted when she saw a woman with a floating imp; she almost forgot her worries of not having a chaperone.Her eyes then wandered to the woman they were looking at, she seemed worry free. Hyunah again griped the glass. She looked over to an eccentric man he was interesting, it made her giggle how his face contorted when he looked at a woman
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[[ New comers, please remember to submit your tekteks for the mini contest, see freebies & contests post. No worries Ra :3 ]]
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Eventually, Stella had to stop dancing. Her breath was coming in short gasps, and she was in desparate need of a beverage. But niether of those were the reason she'd stopped moving.

The reason was that she was being watched. Turning to see whose attention she'd caught, Stella saw a woman with an imp. How odd.. Stella found herself thinking. What kind of person would take an imp to a party? Stella's head tilted a bit as she looked, and she wondered if she should go talk to the woman with the imp. But then, she thought better of it and found a waiter with a tray of drinks. She grabbed one and stood at the edge of the dance floor sipping it, trying to catch her breath back.
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Chuckling softly, Beni looked away for a moment, when she once again saw the woman who had been scribbling like a crazed teenager who slept through an entire test with only five minutes remaining. She now seemed to be reading whatever it was she wrote. "Curious..." Beni mumbled under her breath. Just what was she doing? It was most strange. Even stranger was that at some point, a woman was rampaging through the crowd, shoving people aside. Beni felt a bit sorry for them. She was sure if a child was among them, they'd go flying by the sheer force. Then again, that would be most entertaining as well.

When she looked back, Mae had somehow acquired a drink not only for herself but for Beni as well. At first, Beni looked a bit surprised. "I..." She started. Then she realized she didn't want to be rude. After all, reputation was everything. "Thank you." Beni took the glass from Mae's hands and raised it to indicate her thanks, before bringing the rim to her lips.

As her lips pressed against the glass, her eyes peered about. She noticed a young woman dancing, quite shamelessly Beni had to remark, though she sooned seemed to run out of breath. And she too noticed the strange serpent-like woman attempting to eat at the snack table. Gaia was full of such strange creatures. She shouldn't have been shocked to see something like that but a part of her was. Speaking of strange, there was also a rather flamboyantly dressed man, even by masquerade standards, and according to some conversations she managed to hear, there was apparently a woman with rabbit ears in the foyer. Gaia truly was the spice of life for those sorts of things.

As she continued to observe, she noticed two other women dressed in red. Feeling an almost kinship, she raised her glass a bit more. How lovely it was to see people taking full advantage of such an alluring, striking color. Of course, in her mind, she fully believed herself to be the most suitable to wear such a color.

And then she saw it again. The imp. "...Most curious, don't you think?" Beni spoke to Mae, "I heard those things were amongst us. But until tonight, I've never actually seen one. Aren't they native to Barton? I've never been in Barton long enough to notice...
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Walking in, holding her strings, Lunar walks into the hallway of the masquerade's location. Though reluctant at first, she looks around, maybe to find those she can recognize.

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