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Please post any remaining event bugs here. My team will get to and help fix them as they can.

Personal Note: I will not be available to fix any more bugs. I will be out of the country for the next week. I have done everything in my power to fix the major issues before my departure, and I apologize if there are still issues unaddressed. My team will do what they can to fix remaining issues for you in my absence.
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There seem to be issues with people being stuck in a state of "Protected" despite attacking someone? I cannot verify it, but it seems to come up a lot. Not sure if the timer still runs out.

Another issue seems to be kills not being counted properly, still.

Some people are not receiving achievements.

I'm no longer getting items from attacking or killing. Is that because I already have the skin? It has three parts, so why stop us at one?

Thank you for all the fixes! I'm glad I'm not Lv. 27 with two skills any more. You're working hard to fix everything, and I'm glad that you've all been so dedicated to fixing things.

I think I'm forever dead because I'm the first poster. Great.
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When I go human I cannot go past level 8.

Edit: Wow guys, thanks for attacking me while I was trying to help someone become a wolf neutral

Edit 2: I'm sorry, but what the hell guys?
It would be nice if people stopped attacking us in here.
Go to designated fighting/killing zones.
We're just trying to get things fixed.

Edit 3: What the hell guys!?
Don't hit me with a friggin antidote shot!
I like being a wolf damn it.
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1) I'm at lv10 and have been since the night before last but I haven't been offered to learn infectious bite yet. I saw the Dev alert about this being fixed but it's not fixed yet for me gonk

2) Howl is suppose to be 75% rate and heal 20 while damaging you 15. Bark along the similar lines but less. Both of those miss almost every single time and half of the time it doesn't heal the correct amount. I usually have my howl heal for 8 and miss 18/20 times.

3) Speaking of healing, humans have WAY better healing skills which greatly hurts the balance between wolves and humans. To heal as a wolf, you miss most of the time but you still hurt yourself. As a human this doesn't happen.

PS: Also! Thanks for all the hard work on the event smile I love it overall!

EDIT: I'd appreciate it if you DID NOT attack me in here. This thread is to report bugs found with the event, not to get attacked by people. emotion_donotwant
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In an event guide (and now the achievement page), I read that if you kill 25 enemies, you get the "Hunter" achievement. According to my stats, I've now killed 26 enemies and haven't gotten the achievement.

EDIT: It just went through. ^^;
in the game "how to play" it says abilities will level up and they do, but only the lvl number changes. They don't get any stronger. Is that how it's supposed to be?

...Also, letting people attack in this thread. neutral
Everyone that is trying to help you has pretty much just forfeited playing, ******** amazing.
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I was level 12 and I've been bumped down to level 10. I've also not been offered to learn the moves inbetween... I can't seem to attack people either xP I can add to pack still...

EDIT The attacks are slowly catching up
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Pummeling Blows doesn't seem to actually do damage.
my number of kills remains zero and i cant use any abilities
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I just learned that you recieve an item or compondent from inviting friends to join you in this event, I've already invited someone and have them on my team but I didn't recieve anything. Also I can't do the event in the flash space because I don't see Louie anywheres in his mason.
I'm no longer getting items from attacking or killing people/wolf's
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See Thread Link HERE

I also can not level up to 10, regardless of my health & kill quantity.
I've been stuck at lv. 9 since yesterday and have also only been able to receive abilities up to lv. 1 since the event launched.

I am also unable to achieve the Healer achievement with over 50 heals.

Great job on putting this event together & handling all the bugs so far.
Much thanks!
Okay, first I kept getting a single choice for new abilities when the screen popped up, then the screen wouldn't stop popping up, and after that issue went away I had three level one attacks (one of which doesn't seem to do any damage even when it does connect) that I had no choice but to pick and the ability screen didn't pop up again until I hit level 10. Again, without a healing ability in the presented list.
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i just started playing and my kills and also health is not being tracked outside of masquerade, if i have to log out everything i do gets erased.
for some reason i cant level up or heal how do we do that

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