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I had a good complicated avatar going earlier, but I swapped over to something more simple.

Not many people like cluttered avis it seems. Not when they're drying to draw them, anyways.
(Honestly, I'd get bored trying to draw someone in nothing but a t-shirt and pants. Yaawn.)
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Tiny Detective

t3h marth

Rubai Sora
I just changed my avi last night. It was cluttered before, but I wanted free art....

hahah yeah, I know clutter avis are usually ignored in art threads...
Yup... If you would like, I could put on my old avi. I just have to figure out a new hairstyle because I just changed back to my old one.
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Indebted Student

I'll take a break

c'mon guys I know you can do it better.
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Moonlight Girl

*Curtsies* Hello there.
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Philosophizing Cat

t3h marth
t3h marth
This is my Halloween Masquerade avi... Probably not very cluttered, but... I was aiming more for the event/holiday theme going on sweatdrop

well, I don't dislike traditional outfits, but change the mask.

and I always hated when people tryied to match shop event items of different years.

Shop event items...? eek Umm... But... My mask is from the Picolitrosso's Urn sad Wait!? eek Are you saying the gold shops have a mask like this now!? surprised

I must go see! 4laugh *skips over to Barton Boutiques*

hahah I meant Jack items! xD

Aww... And here I was lookin' forward to more plague-master style masks to add to my collection emo

Oh, well, I can always dream emotion_kirakira
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;B MmMmmmm..

hahah I like these kind of avis, but I can't see the theme ;p

thank you kind sir ;B <3
I don't see a theme either heh
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I wanted to switch this one cause is kinda cluttered, I like it but I know its a pain to draw haha
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t3h marth

thanks heart I hope you like it
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This is my outfit. biggrin
Check me out.
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what do you think of mine? emotion_kirakira emotion_zombie emotion_jawdrop
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Beloved Elder

I had to add the tombstones to make it more HALLOWEEN. rofl
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Tiny Detective

I wanted to switch this one cause is kinda cluttered, I like it but I know its a pain to draw haha
I would totally accept your challenge if it wasn't for the fact I ran out of drawing paper.....
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Shirtless Lunatic

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do you like mine? i don't like any masks though. x.x i don't know if i qualify without one.

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