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make me into a pretty wolf please T^T
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Third time posting...
I wanna be a wolf ; u;
I've been a good human. </3
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As long as you pay me well in Gold, I'll sign up!
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Superimposed Catastrophe
Rock on, hit me Wolfie.

...you're a wolf!
I'm in mrgreen
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Liberal Capitalist

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Alexander J Luthor
This is absurd, they should start the event with a choice. Not say "Go the flash game area. Oh but oops we forgot to say that if you do you are on the human team and not the wolves because you didn't post in Gro-Gain's thread first. Well guess you are out of luck. Oh and we are still not going to give you a straight answer on how to play. Have fun."

Wait what!?
If wewent to the flash area first we're SOL on being a wolf?



Dear Gaia:
This is the shittiest thing you have ever done to me. IT'S ******** HALLOWEEN
Everyone who's pissed off because they can't join the prestigious league of Teen wolves with Michael J. Fox

Damn them! I want to be a wolf!
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Wheezing Bloodsucker

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[NPC] Labtech Gene
Thank you for your interest in Gro-Gain Max! To take part in our first human trials, just post in this thread. Please be aware that while Gro-Gain Max is totally safe, the Gro-Gain Max company hereby, um, you know-- by agreeing to this trial, we do the legal thing where you can't blame us if anything goes wrong*.

To take part in the trial, just reply to this thread!

* Gro-Gain Max may cause minor side effects, including nausea, upset stomach, headache, temporary fatigue, joint pain, disorientation, hairmouth, nocturnal triumph, sensitivity to sound, bowel cramping, the giggles, lecherous leg syndrome, oral burpies, inappropriate truthfulness, day terrors, lycanthropy, migraine, flat affect, tenderness, tingling in the extremities, dizziness and irregular heartbeat. Please consult your doctor if these side effects become intense, unbearable or permanent. Do not discontinue use of Gro-Gain Max.

wolf me
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ou o

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