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~ Happy Halloween Everyone ~

11/09/11: Avatar Contest has ended!
11/02/11: Page Post 200 Contest over.
11/01/11: Page Post 200 Contest active.

10/30/11: Page Post 150 Contest over.
10/30/11: [NPC] Lambeth Peninsula dropped by here!
10/29/11: [NPC] Piotr Weller dropped by here!
10/26/11: Free H2K11 ID Cards released!
10/26/11: Page Post 150 Contest active.
10/24/11: Avatar Contest open for entries.
10/24/11: Halloween 2011 HQ Opens!

Welcome to the G CORP Support Halloween 2011 HQ!

This year's Halloween marks a special date, and a brand new start for G CORP Support.
Only a day before the event was opened, Oct 23rd, GCS had the honor of having been able to survive for 5 years of supporting G CORP.
In celebration of this, we moved to a brand new guild, and decided to clean the memberlist to get rid of inactive members and the like.

Despite the currently low number of supporters, we aim to keep spreading the word of supporting the corporation which was once the very backbone of the Gaian plot, in order to make it live on and not be forgotten!

Are you a supporter too? Well go ahead and join us in our festivities here then!

For those who enjoy RPing:

Having entered the Von Helson Manor, you find yourself wandering about for some time unsure what to do.
Just then however, you find yourself in a room which has been decorated in a way which can best be described as a crossover between elegance and science.
The room is somewhat dim, as all windows have been covered, making the only light there come from the chandeliers and a few wall lamps.

At your right you see a long table filled with different sorts of vials and other lab equipment, apparently set up as a sort of decoration, the bright colored liquids bubbling around in it.
In the far back of the room is another table, this one filled with food and drinks for refreshment. Some of it looks a bit questionable, but despite not being worth the royal, you find that it looks decent enough.

Beside from this, the room simply features an open space covered with an old carpet, where many supporters of G CORP are standing around chatting and discussing things like the corporation and its many achievements over the years.

Finding this place to be a comfortable area for you to hang around in, you decide to join the crowd.

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Support G Corp! Support Gaia! Support yourself!
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G CORP Supporters

If you are a supporter of G CORP, please let us know, and we will keep here a list of those of us who still support the corporation.
If you want to be added to the list, either say "I support!", or anything else that will show your love for G CORP.
If you have any questions regarding this list, please PM us.

Event Supporters
[ Full Permanent List ]

0001 | [ID Card] | TakingOverMe...
0002 | [ID Card] | Mads Ren`ai
0003 | [ID Card] | Tay Lorien
0004 | [ID Card] | LabTech118
0005 | [ID Card] | Genetical
0006 | [ID Card] | A Fair Affair
0007 | [ID Card] | Shimo Amatsu
0008 | [ID Card] | Seteppe
0009 | [ID Card] | Keel Kanrazi
0010 | [ID Card] | Ty Ty
0011 | [ID Card] | Mistress100
0012 | [ID Card] | Calelith
0013 | [ID Card] | Kytona
0014 | [ID Card] | Zexerai
0015 | [ID Card] | sotoma01
0016 | [ID Card] | Eclipse Rune
0017 | [ID Card] | SU Blue
0018 | [ID Card] | Fyerluna
0019 | [ID Card] | The Apocalyptic Reaper
0020 | [ID Card] | Vile Reflection
0021 | [ID Card] | TheCarpetLady
0022 | [ID Card] | pureawesomnez13
0023 | [ID Card] | FrostyPeaches
0024 | [ID Card] | Wamakai
0025 | [ID Card] | GreenInkling
0026 | [ID Card] | Gadrial
0027 | [ID Card] | Axel cosplayer
0028 | [ID Card] | Gina Pechuga
0029 | [ID Card] | Meirelle
0030 | [ID Card] | Labtech Mira
0031 | [ID Card] | AngelMuerto
0032 | [ID Card] | Demon Knight of the Light
0033 | [ID Card] | CupzCakez11
0034 | [ID Card] | Charlotte the Nomad

If you wish to be added to the full list of G CORP supporters, please join our guild!

Free ID Cards

User Image
>> Click for Full Size

As a special service for those of you who decide to get added to our Event Supporter list, we now offer free ID Cards! These H2K11 specials are limited to this event only.

All finished ID Cards will be added to the Event Supporter list.
To prevent problems with bandwidth, since they are uploaded on our own Photobucket account, please save it and upload it to your own account.

Also, while we would love it if you joined our guild, this is not a requirement to get one of these special cards - you simply need to be a supporter of this event, as well as fill out the following form:

[b]Event Form[/b]

[b]Position or Designation:[/b]
[b]Avatar you would like used:[/b]

  • Position or Designation:
    By default, this is LabTech.
    You may however choose mostly anything that goes with the theme of Halloween.

  • Avatar you would like used:
    Please provide a link or image of the avatar you want.
    The image MUST have a clear background, no white attached.
    If you save your avatar directly from Gaia or Tektek, this should work out fine.
    If you say 'current', and no one is online to save it before you change your avi, we cannot be held responsible.
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G CORP Contests

Avatar Dress-Up

This contest is currently not active.

The Winners:

  1. User Image
    User Image 100k - A Fair Affair
  2. User Image
    User Image 50k - GreenInkling
  3. User Image
    User Image 10k - Yeata Zi

In with the theme of this year's Hallowe'en event, we at GCS are holding a masquerade avatar contest. Do you think you have what it takes to win? Then join in! It's free for everyone!

(Tip: Tastefully using scientific related items in your entry may help - we are a science guild after all...)

A little stuck for ideas? Here's a couple of examples for you:
User ImageUser Image
(Note: TekTek is disallowed for this contest. Entries must be on your own avatar)

The judging for the contest will be done by GCS' Captain and Vice, TakingOverMe... and Mads Ren'ai. The deadline for the contest is the end of Gaia's own Hallowe'en event.
Please post your entries clearly into this thread; do not PM them to us!

Your entry will be saved to our Photobucket so that once we accept it, you can go ahead and change your avatar without having to worry about your entry changing.


Page Post

This contest is currently not active.


  • People who bump only will not be eligible to win. If you'd like a chance, please stick around and chat to us.
  • We don't approve of post-snipers!
    (Here post sniping meaning sitting silently, lurking, waiting for a new page and then BAM! Post. Don't do that.)
  • In case one from the GCS Crew, or one of the previous winners get the first post, the prize will go to the second post (and so on).

Previous Winners:
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G CORP Support Banners

Want to show your support for G CORP, but don't have any items or gold that you want to give away?
Make a support banner!
They will all be posted here, and if yours is good enough, it may even feature as our main banner for a time.

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By Mistress100
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G CORP Support RP Trailer

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Romantic Humorist

I hereby declare this year's Halloween Event HQ opened!

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Dangerous Lunatic

First non Mads post GET
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Mads Ren`ai's avatar

Romantic Humorist

Haha, yeah true that, true that. XD
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Flesh Eaters approve of this thread!
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Romantic Humorist

Nomana Daha
Flesh Eaters approve of this thread!

Yay! Good to see you here Nomana! blaugh
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Dangerous Lunatic

Hey Nomana!

How's all doing then? :3
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Romantic Humorist

Personally, a bit stressed, since I rushed a bit too much to make the thread, haha. Need to take a moment to simply lean back and relax I guess. How about you? XD
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Magical Cat

Did anyone see a brain go this way?

Might be a little extra wet.

It was from an Enki I saw crossing my path underwater.

Noone? Really?

Oh, well,.. So much for Sushi.
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Dangerous Lunatic

D: Not good! Sorry for getting on so late >.o

I'm not so bad personally though :3
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