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Blessed Vampire

I'm excited to see what it is...
Will it be granted to everyone, or will we have to do something else?
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Benevolent Vampire

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Maybe all of you wolves will be granted a soulbound item of that rainbow sparkle wolf. sweatdrop
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I hope it's the wolf form item we've been asking for..
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Everlasting your light will shine...
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User Image

People, we shouldnt expect too much. It would only be a gro-grain item with scary or horrible faces. [Especially, we are talking about halloween here.]
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...When all else fades
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Seeking Muse

It's another word they use for "Chance Items" they bring out every month you can buy one in the CS or the bundle they got there as well. It's like a game of which path should I got the left or the right choose the right one you advance all the way to the final level for a cool item. Choose the wrong one and the game is over but you still get a item but not as cool as the rare ones they have.

Oh I see, Thanks for the explanation yum_strawberry
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It better be a proper 'I am Wolf' item, not that lame skin in the Treehouse. I want to keep my wolf form, dagnabit! cat_gonk
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Maybe we get like, wolf pups or something, since they already gave us a...uh... 'wolfskin'
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MAybe the scavenger hunt thing is the final grant but when I click it it just goes to another page and then it hops around the page.
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Ruthless Demigod

I hope it's the wolf form... But not the wolf form we have.
I don't like mine.
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Moonlight Werewolf

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Kenshin Belmont
I want it now! scream

What would be awesome for me and a friend of mine would be if the item turns out to be an animated item just like in your signature. 3nodding

That would be so cool! or if they could make the wolves an item EVEN BETTER! biggrin
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this game was disapointing
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I love the final grant! I love Gaia online! this is totally the greatest place ever made<3
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Apocalyptic Singing

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Anyone seen the final result of it? And I'd love to cookie my were-form but, I'm not sure how to do that.
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you can pick your wolf

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