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[NPC] Rina
Hey there!

I've got a special gift for you!

From: An anonymous benefactor
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A young, little country was innocently playing by himself one day. It was a beautiful and warm, sunny day. There were white fluffy clouds in the sky as he rolled around in the grass which was still covered in morning dew. He laughed as had fun in his own little world. He did not seem concerned at all that he was all by himself. He was not concerned at all. He was not even aware that he was not really all by himself.

A shadow appeared before him. He stopped playing to look up and see who was visiting him. Could it possibly be his big brother Britain? Maybe it was that other fellow who Britain always told you to stay away from. The one with the fancy pants, right? He knew it could not have been that other little country&the um&one around his age&um, that looked like&well, um&who was that boy again? Well whoever he was and whatever he looked like, this country was sure the shadow could not have belonged to him since it was much bigger. That country could not have possibly grown up before he did, right? Right? Of course not! It was silly to even think that could have remotely been possible!

The figure who stood over him was neither Britain nor France. This stranger could not have resembled either of those two any less. He had dark skin, even darker hair, eyes like a cat&and what appeared to be rather large melons on his chest. He had never seen anything like that before. Why did this stranger have two round things sticking out from his chest like that? Everything about this individual screamed danger, but not to this brave little country. He was totally unaware of how evil this lovely creature really was.

& Hola, peque&a,& the newcomer greeted in a silly language, &you must be Britain&s beb&. You are no Gibraltar, but I am sure I will come to love you almost as much as my own child.&

The little country was picked up and taken away by the stranger. To where, no one knew. Left where he had been playing was a single carnation and a note addressed to Britain stating:
Fine, mi amor, keep Gibraltar, but America is coming home with me.

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Why don't you head over to your inventory and see what you got!

((dafaq? a femspain kidnapper? lol
ty nonetheless heart ))