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*is more miffed at her high five request being denied for now than she should be*

Well, where do I start...

*The entirety of the park became ancient, desolate ruins currently being overrun by psychotics and confused park goers. If the park staff isn't angered by this development then the archeologists WILL be. Luck comes to a realization.*

...in a separate time period, without the use of my present day minions. I've never been to this part of France before. Well, this podunk part, anyways. Faaaantastic. Looks like I'll just have to make some new ones. And, oh, are there some very desperate people to exploit~

*The Lady saunters off towards a twenty something curled up behind a nearby bush*
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      GOD ******** DAMNIT.

      I did not want to be turned this morning. ******** ASSHAT. WHEN I GET BACK TO HUMAN I SWEAR.
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Dear God, it's snowing. @________@ *And I had Halloween plans today. Boo.*

*On the upside, hopes to join the festivities here tomorra ninja *
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*buried under snow* what is this i don't even gonk
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      Story of my life, right there.
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None here, thankfully. Good thing, considering I''d hate to drive in it. ninja
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Oh, HELL NO. I am not gonna have another white Halloween in this lifetime. Not if I can help it. I swear to whatever Higher Power there is, I will stand outside and melt any snowflake that dares to show its face here with a freakin' flamethrower. B|

... And my "H" key cover just fell off. Lmao. *goes to get either super glue or schedule a trip to the Apple store*
*The park has changed shape for the night again. Don't worry, none of you the player characters will catch plague. Sickness is such a boring way to die~*
*There's still six free invitations and gold bars sitting around, folks!*
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Love the concept of the thread.
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"Descend, heartless angel... Don't worry. There will always be a door to the light."

*It is, isn't it? Just be careful not to piss anyone off. Oh, and don't trust the punch. /shot*

"Don't ever forget: wherever you go, I'm always with you. Don't ever lose sight of your light."
*High above the theme park, something appears-- a glowing orb, like a flare, but moving as if it had a destination in mind. And a plan. The Earth's machinations have undoubtedly changed since the Vok "last" visited it (last being a relative term, as they've prodded it here and there throughout history). So far, the Transmetals have disappeared, and something new has taken their place. A great many things, pink and fleshy... And at the moment, unsuitable for their plans.*


*After a moment, the orb descends to the park with a harsh wail. Anyone looking at it might realize that the orb was not featureless; within the shifting sphere of energy, something akin to a skull could be seen within the flickering aura. It disappears into one of the attractions, the wail dying into a soft cry.*

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