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*hesitates for a moment, but then is there by Ianto's side. Looks down at the ground and clinks its claws against each other* ... Apologies. I am not bold like the others nor do I know much. I am one of the younger. But still, we offer what we can. We will swarm what monsters and nasty undead you tell us to. For the Boy...
*is unnerved by Sherlock's analyzing and fidgets out of discomfort* > >;

*glances at Phete and nods* I will. And I will let her know that you are one of her son's protecter. She will be happy with that. *smiles softly with a less sharp toothed grin, unlike its older brethren*
*turns its head a little to glare at Marion* Says the one that smells and feels wrong. *means both Marion and her book. WIll have itself and the rest of the hobgoblins avoid being close to the book or Marion as much as possible and especially will try to keep Fergus away from them as well*
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And shirt off while you're at it, it'll be easier to mend that way.

*Heard that. Somehow, wherever he's at, heard that.*
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*Of course you did, Jack.*

*Will keep quiet for now, minus rolling her shoulder at the hobgoblin, offers it a small smile.* Tell her she's still my muirnin. *Will move over to Fergus and sit down and fuss over him a bit.*
*Knew you would, Jack. Knew you would.*

*Does sit down and remove his shirt. Very rare occurrence, but does realize that his shoulder being injured could get much, much more debilitating.* Stop fussing over me John, I'm not a child.

*Speaking of rare moments... Shuts his eyes for a moment before taking a short breath. Talking out of turn, but he figures it may carry some weight, especially to the Hobgoblin. Praise often helps with reassurance, not that he's used to committing the act.* You were bold enough to seek us out and speak with us directly even when we're in possession of a large stock of weaponry and a collective itchy trigger finger when it comes to the supernatural. That is a separate species of bold, quite rare if I remember correctly.
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*Appreciates the vote of confidence Phete, very much out of his element right now.* sweatdrop

Marion Marsh
What enemy could possibly be so monstrous as to make that wretched thing our ally? *Immediately regrets asking. Her experience with these things has taught her that there's always a bigger monster.*

That wretched thing cut through a crowd of zombies just looking for that boy. *Nods to Fergus. Marion can figure out more if she listens.*

*Now, now hobglobins. Neither of you are going to be winning a beauty contest anytime soon.* Apology accepted...bold doesn't always count for something. And it's a relief to hear complete sentences, to be honest.

*Relieved that John is here, doesn't feel quiet so alone now.* Like John said some thing calling itself FEAR has collected a group of madmen, monsters, murders, and...other things that aren't particularly nice into this park. *Will motion to those Icons marked on the map.*

We're stuck here unable to leave, unable to die. But there's still hope. Jack has a friend, his name is the Doctor, he's going to take down FEAR but it's up to the rest of us, when the time comes, to buy him time. Thanks to John's help we've discovered several stock piles of weapons and explosives. The plan is to set these explosives at key areas, distracting these Icons and hopefully collapsing areas of the park in on itself to confuse them, even turning their own dinosaurs and zombies against each other.

*Looks back up at the goblin.* But we're not even sure if that's enough. Now that we have an escape vehicle, we need to make sure the way is clear. That's where you could come in. neutral

(( And I have to go now xD bother. Feel free to godmod him for extra info if you need ))
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*Knew you would, Jack. Knew you would.*

*Thinking of me even now? Won't Watson be jealous? wink *

*Oh Ianto. Has been back from his scavanging trip much longer than you thought, watching over this as it unfolded just to see how you would handle it. And you're brilliant, do you know that? Always so full of surprises and strength...*
*The mention of a God of Fear elicits both a scientific sense of curiosity and a primitive instinct of dread within her. A million possibilities flash through her mind. If it's an active god, that rules out the exiled gods, like Yog-Sothoth, or the sleeping gods like Cthulhu. Perhaps it's an incarnation of Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos. Whatever the case, will listen in. Has had some experience with matters of the immortal plane before, and as a scholar, it's her duty to provide her assistance... Even if purely on an academic level.*

*Glares at the Hobgoblin as he accuses her of smelling wrong. If only it was a claim she could refute! The icthyic odor of Innsmouth seems to accompany her even in Arkham...*

... Whatever the case is, for what it's worth, I'll assist you in this... *Searches for the word. Cockamamie might be a little too harsh.* Eccentric plan. This revolver isn't just for show... *Nor is the book. Clutches it tighter to her body. To the right person, it holds power beyond imagining.*
*blinks for a moment before its eyes widen. Oh sweet Danu... Is Phete one of the ones their Lord mentioned before, one of the people of her heart? And he's been talking to one? Suddenly feels very honored* ....

*then thrown for another loop by Sherlock. Blinks rapidly before blushing a blue-ish color* Um... Thank ye? ./////.

*but its attention is drawn back to Ianto and at hearing what their role might be, grins a little evilly* If it means destroying the nasty dead things, creating trouble, AND protecting the Boy, then it is an honor to help.
*will pester Ianto for more information to take back to the others and will in exchange tell how to call for the hobgoblins. After that, will scurry back into the shadows and lift the sleeping spell on the boy... Though, knowing how the kid sleeps, he's probably asleep for real this time*

(( Bed time now. @____@ Night! ))
*With all information for this Fear entity now extracted from Ianto, turns to exit the warehouse. Briefly pauses at the door, her body stiffening as if she was a deer caught in the headlights. Cranes her neck from left to right, attempting to note the source of the discomfort, before quickly ducking out of the warehouse. Whatever is out there in the park, it must be better than what has suddenly decided to make its presence known to her.*

Ia! Ia...
*Jealous? Him? Nahhhh. They're just flatmates, right? Most Watsons have a moustache. This one... just has a beard.*

I can fuss, and I will fuss, and you certainly act it sometimes. stare *Will start patching him up. Has to close that wound before it opens up even more and possibly makes the man bleed to death. No dermabond, no sutures, tape would be impossible because of how much the man moves...* ...You have a lighter on you, right?

*Nods at Ianto's statements.* We may even be able to turn the Icons against each other. I've been doing a bit of research and there are one or two that could be reasoned with or manipulated into attacking another if we wanted to take the risk. They've all got massive egos. They also represent certain concepts. Chaos, Death, Myth, Sacrifice, Vengeance. We could use that to turn the tide in our favour. Somehow. Particularly Vengeance and Chaos, if we've got someone here who's broken a large enough rule to make him strike without discrimination.

*Will report the rest of his findings from the day's recon mission while cauterizing the gash on Sherlock's shoulder. It's not pretty, and it's quite painful, but it'll keep him from doing even more damage to it, at least. Battlefield medicine at it's finest. At least he's not attempting meatball surgery out here.*

((Yep. Me too. Night guise.))
*If one were to watch Marion leave, they might notice something ethereal flicker through the crack of the door in pursuit of her. To call it a spirit would be an over-simplification; instead, what appears to be a mere shade of green trails behind her, a few wispy tendrils reaching out to gently run against her skin...*
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*Will, once everyone's cleared for the night, make sure everyone's comfortable, and go back and give Fergus a good tuck in, and ruffle his hair somewhat fondly. Then, will tuck herself in nearby, and nap soundly.*
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"Descend, heartless angel... Don't worry. There will always be a door to the light."

This works, too.

"Don't ever forget: wherever you go, I'm always with you. Don't ever lose sight of your light."

sweatdrop ......before, i was joking... emotion_sweatdrop sometimes ppl do rps for fun, don't they?

((((gets shot 9001 times))))

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