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Dapper Humorist

*Wanders back into the main area with a soda in hand. Fumbles to open it before noticing Ariel in his hot-pants form.*

Oh. o____O *Accidentally cracks open the soda can anyways, dousing himself as well as sending a spray of foam in Ariel's direction. Whoops.*
*has a toy!*
*shifts down to roughly human size, grinning in Ianto's direction*
Am I a fright? Fey and lissome Ariel is no more, for I am great and terrible!
*swirls and swoops, spreading flaming wings*
Tell me truly, mortal master, am I a fright? Am I awful, awesome, grand? ^^
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Magical Storyteller

*LOL Has a poem dedicated? D'awwwwwww. Thanks for making my finally-had-a-good-work-day night even better* heart
... I think someone is having too much fun. >w>

*and d'awwwww, a newcomer in the form of a gangly teenager. Might have to pester- I mean, mother Fergus alongside with Phete* mrgreen
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Dapper Humorist

*Sticky, wet and now there's some over sized butterfly fishing for compliments. Was this the same rhyming fellow from a few nights before?*

*Sets the can aside grabbing a towel to dry himself off with, not nearly as entertained as Ariel is.* You gave me a start, I suppose.
*Yep, having way too much fun!*

*appears over Ianto's shoulder, then flickers and appears over the other* If I gave you a start, then I'll give you an end! Would you have a favour of Ariel? Say the word, and I'll show you a trick!
*ever anxious to please. Could probably start with the man's clothes, though it's not -really- his fault that the soda spewed*
Just Left of Center
pester- I mean, mother Fergus alongside with Phete* mrgreen
*.... Great. Just flippin' wonderful* -_______-

*has been awake for awhile and might have been checking the shadows to make sure that his... Stalkers? Bodyguards? ... Well, whatever they are, still checking to see if they're around. Wants to know who this Iarann Fuil is and why are they invested in him*
*at hearing Ianto and Ariel, looks up and then just stares. Ariel's form is... Confusing. Can't tell if it's a glamour or reality and it basically just makes his eyes and head hurt. Slams his hands over his eyes and goes to find something else to look at, only his eyes are covered... Thus, making him walk into a wall* Omph!

..... Oooooooooowwwww. Okay, that was a bad idea. *uncovers his eyes long enough to go find Phete and just sit near her for awhile with his eyes closed*
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Dapper Humorist

o___O *Doesn't enjoy that whole flickering back and forth trick, next thing you know something else will be chewing on his hair again.*

Well, you could sit down and talk to me proper-like. For a start.
*doesn't eat hair*

*pouts and seats himself in the air, slowly sinking to the ground. Grouses* Be still, be still, when all the world is calling me: 'Come here!' now 'Here!' But I shall be still. 'Tis harder a trick than any deceit. Talk proper, surely. But what would he have me say?

*peers around Ianto at Fergus, laughing at the boy's antics. Shifts back into an airier form, something less likely to cause fires* The youth explores head-first. A brave and brainy lout!
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Son of Iarann Fuil
*uncovers his eyes long enough to go find Phete and just sit near her for awhile with his eyes closed*

*Has dark circles under her eyes by now, and is sort of half asleep. Looks over and wakes up a bit more at the shenanigans going on, and will ruffle Fergus' hair when he sits back down.* How are you holdin' up, kiddo.

*Rubs at her eyes and grins, somewhat sleepily.*

((Billy Boyd reading an ad in "hobbit" (aka just the accent) for the LotR trilogy playing all Thanksgiving weekend on Encore. My life is just a bit more complete.))
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Dapper Humorist

After Summer Merrily
But what would he have me say?

You're asking me? You don't strike me as the silent type. neutral

*Glances over at Phete and the poor kid running into a wall. Winces sympathetically. Will go to make Phete a cup of coffee.*
*makes a face at having his hair messed with, but allows it. Shrugs at the question* Don't know. Confused? Yeah, going with confused.
*glances up at Phete and frowns at the circles under her eyes, can Feel how tired she is* Dude, you totally need some more REM. Why don't you go back to sleep?

*then covers his face with his hands out of embarrassment at hearing Ariel and mutters to himself, but it's still loud enough to be heard* Dude, I was covering my eyes 'cause you're confusing and basically a weird drug trip just by looking at ya. Not that I know what a drug trip is like, but I'm pretty sure it would be like that... *moody teenager is moody*
*just not sure how to speak 'proper-like.' It's not like he regularly has a lot of company*

*tilts his head at Fergus. Pretty sure he was just called ugly, but can't really be sure. Can't really help being the way he is* The persnickety princeling speaks in riddles. I am naught but what I am, child. How else would you have me?
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*Wiggles her fingers at Ariel.* You're Lefty's mischievous friend, right?

*Looks extremely grateful when Ianto goes for coffee, slowly stands to her feet. Sigh.* Dreams can wait. There are...hobbie...er. There's too much stuff going on. I'll sleep tonight. *Pushes some of the hair off of her face.* Plus...cripes. I dunno. *Slides back down into a thoughtful sort of sitting position.*
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Dapper Humorist

*Brews a dark roast for Phete, an Ianto special. Sits down beside her with a gentle smile and hands her the coffee.* Here. Oh and. *Digs inside his vest pulling out a packet of pink wafers.* Not fish and chips but, you should eat something. *And is quiet rubbish at cooking.*

*Smiles sympathetically. Agrees that it's quiet a lot to handle even if he manages to keep a calm demeanor through most of it. Just good at hiding it.*

*Is just grateful that Ariel has calmed down for the most part.*
*still not looking at Ariel, but does feel bad for being such a teen at him* ... Sorry. I'm not asking you to be anything. Just... Keep the glamours down to a minimum, please? Yours kinda hurts my eyes, probably 'cause you're different from the hobgoblins, and I can't tell if it's real or just you know, magic and illusions...

*peeks out between his fingers to glance up at Phete again* ... *has a feeling she knows more than she's letting on, but won't ask her right now. Scoots closer to her to lean against her and tries to get over his moodiness*

*and coffee? Perks up. Wonders if Ianto will let him have coffee again. Looks up beseechingly at the man with puppy dog eyes* ;_____; *please don't fall for this, Ianto. Fergus really shouldn't have sugar or caffeine of any kind. Do you really want to deal with a moody AND hyper teen?*

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