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*Jack and Ianto aren't the only ones to be hunting zombies. The scent of the undead upset the already frazzled hobgoblins who lost The Boy and they in turn decide to take out their feelings on the poor zombies. Jack and Ianto might notice that some of the zombies are being taken out at the knees and even a few look like they've been pounced on by several somethings that are unseen*
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*Clicks the button at the top. Oh his favourite part.* Best time yet.

*Smirks.* I'm sure the Weevils miss you too. Plenty of them when we get back. *Looks over the edge to get a better look at the damage.* Not the most interesting target but they can take some damage. *Raises a brow as he does manage to spot that the zombies are still dying.*

Jack. *Motions for the Captain to see.* Did I stop the watch too early?
*Zombies?! Real live zombies?! Torn between squeeing like the fanboy he is and running for high ground and possibly find some kind of weaponry. Not that he knows how to shoot anything besides a water gun, but still...*

*decides to go with "running for high ground" option and heads for the stairwell that leads to the roof. He has yet to realize his fairy stalkers are here and possibly looking for him or that they're awesome at taking out zombies*
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*Frowns. Yeah, right. When they get back.*

*Looks at Ianto curiously, peeking over the edge to see what's going on.* Nope. Not my handiwork. *Scrutinizes the scene further.* What is that? Like something's taking them out from below...

*Swings his Webly back up and reloads with a grin.* Wanna check it out?

*Has NO idea there was a kid taking refuge in the hotel or else they would have never attracted the zombies here in the first place.*

*one hob catches the scent of The Boy and then there's loud chittering before all of the hobgoblins drop their glamour. There's at least a hundred hobs of varying sizes and shapes. And each and every one of them are ugly looking buggers. They all start to head for the shadows of the hotel, taking out any zombies that get in their way. Once they reach the shadows, they seem to have disappeared. But they haven't, not truly. They're actually searching in every shadow inside the hotel, looking for The Boy...*
*makes it to the roof with much panting. Okay, bad idea to take the stairs if you're not in peak condition and just a gawky, short fourteen year old boy* Next time... Taking... The... Elevator. @________@

*collapses near the door to the roof and doesn't notice Jack and Ianto right away. More concerned with breathing and not passing out like a sissy. And completely missed the hobs dropping their glamour or the fact that they're here*
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*Sits up, suddenly, and nearly falls off the crate, but catches herself. Instead, slides off and sees that the building is all quiey and grabs a cup of coffee and stumbles to the desk chair in front of the moniters to see...* gonk Holy s**t hobbies!?!
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Dapper Humorist

*Knows that glint in Jack's eye, smirks.* Did you have to ask?

*Oh wait. What's going on now?* I think we're being attacked by...munchkins. confused *To add to the confusion there's a passed out a kid by the stairs now.*
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Wait. What?! *Now isn't the time for Wizard of Oz jokes Ianto.*

*Jerks around to see Aodhan pass out, recognizes him and runs to his side. Kneeling beside him, gun still raised will gently tap his cheek trying to awaken him.* Hey, hey kid get up! Are you alright?
*Oi! So did not pass out. Just black out for a few seconds, that's all. Two completely different and separate things!*

*cheek is tapped and swipe a hand at Jack's hand* I don't wanna go to school, dad.... *it takes a few seconds for him to wake up fully and then promptly lets out a yelp before scrambling back. Yes, was surprised by the close encounter of the Jack kind* ... Um, hi? sweatdrop

*it takes a few more seconds to comprehend what Ianto said earlier before he passed outblacked out* Munch-what? o______o
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Dapper Humorist

*Moves away from the edge, any plans cut short by Aodhan's presence.* Jack we should get back, those things dissappeared in the shadow of the building. Can't say where they're at now. Could be inside.
*the original hob that found the Boy's scent is the one to find Fergus. Lets out a cry of joy before coming out of the shadows and jumps right onto the Boy's stomach. Doesn't understand that's going to hurt for Fergus* Found him! Found Little Fire! I good tracker! *then proceeds to yell in its native tongue to summon the others*

*after that, the whole rooftop is covered in hobgoblins as they each try to peer around each other as well around Jack and Ianto, to make sure the Boy is safe and unharmed. Ianto might even find that he has the smallest hob on his shoulder and it might try to gnaw on his hair if he doesn't dislodge it in time*
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*Smirks at Aodhan.* Hey. Listen we're in a bit of tight spot but we're gonna get you out of here. *But before he can offer a free teleportation ride they're swarmed by hobglobins.*

Woah! *Assumes that the ugly little thing bouncing on Fergus' stomach is trying to hurt the kid and reacts by trying to knock it aside and pull Fergus near him. Points his Webly at the closest goblin but there's just too many.* Ianto! Are you alright?
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Dapper Humorist

*Seperated from Jack by a swarm of hobglobins, worse yet there's something chewing on his head. Shudders and tries to swat it off of him.*

I...I can't say. o____O
*and there goes his internal organs, bruised and battered. Wheezes and coughs as he tries NOT to revisit his last meal, which consisted of Babe Ruth bars* Dude, what the hell? Stomach, not for bouncing. Ow.

*then grabbed by Jack and ohmigosh his inner fanboy squees mentally in his head. But whoa, hey! Guns pointing at his... Well, they're not quite friends, but pointing a hun at them is bad* Hey, what?! No. Bad. No pointing guns at 'em! I know them. Eh... Sorta. At least, most of 'em. Don't know that one. *points one in the crowd* They're kinda stalking me, but they're been good so far besides the "eating my cat" incident. So, can you put the gun down? Please? Please? Please? gonk

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