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*snorts in amusement* I wish. Do you not remember the punch I gave you? I have a temper and I hold grudges against people, even after forgiving them. I'm bitter and cynical and sometimes even a bit bitchy and selfish. I'm not from a freakin' fairy tale nor do I want to be. I like being flawed, thanks all the same.

No, what I want to be is just someone who doesn't hate you and willing to give you a chance. Whether you want to friends or not is up to you. *shrugs*

No actually, you'll have to try harder next time. rolleyes

*Watches her carefully, sensing an opportunity that he could use to his advantage eventually.* Fair enough. *Slices the apple and offers part of it to her.* I can win over one person at least.

(( And that's all from John tonight. Assume he slept soon after that <3 ))
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*Laughs along with Watson and grins cheerily at Ianto.* 8D;; Sorry, sometimes I do pet names. I'll stop if you mind.

And thanks for the help. Means a bunch. :3 We should do it again sometimes. *Smiles, then calls over to John and Jack.* Don't firget to tell me how I've done!

*Then takes two plates ovver to Lefty and John.* Here you go. *Offers one to Lefty, and sees that the bugger's already asleep. Will leave the plate for him, anyways.*
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*oh, going to take that as a challenge, Johnny boy!*

*takes the apple and eats it, doubts it's been poisoned if he's been eating it* Thanks, hun. And that's the spirit.
*will end up falling asleep as well because I'm about to pass out and I have stuff to do early tomorrow @_____@*
*Takes a few moments to brush off the bit of raptor ash clinging to his coat once he hears voices.*

Yes, yes. It's nothing that I haven't dealt with before, actually. Granted, I'm not used to fighting any sort of dinosaur outside of the southern swamps, but that's where aeromancy comes in handy. They don't enjoy getting blasted by ball lightning all too much.

*Glances down at the oversized reptilian drumstick in his hand briefly before heading over towards Jack and the others. Doesn't recognize anyone he's familiar with, other than Phete vaguely.*

Pleasant surprise to run into anyone not trying to tear my face off, though. I'm not too big a fan of the undead and whatnot that seem to have free reign around here.
*Smirk.* And that's not the strangest thing anyone's told me after I've explained my methods to them, either.

*Can get a lot more specific but for the cosplayer's sake, nope but figures Jack wouldn't want the details aired as casually as he normally manages to divulge them.* Hardly a case if you and yours already have the details planned out for the resolution of this whole entrapment ordeal, Captain. *Mimics the wink.*

That being said, I hope you don't mind having someone on watch for quite a while. If my Victorian counterpart behaves in such a similar manner, then you'll know of my sleeping habits. *As in, he doesn't have any. Unless he drops from exhaustion or isn't on a case.*

Let's just say my John merrily went off to sleep after eating, too. >>; /tired, running this guy's brain is draining enough
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*Grins like a little kid. Likes Sherlock Holmes. Really likes Sherlock Holmes. Might-make-John-jealous likes Sherlock Holmes.* Oh I have GOT to introduce you to the Doctor. *Shakes his head and laughs.*

*Turns to Ignis, nodding. Will set his plate aside to introduce himself properly with a handshake.* We're not a fan of them either. Captain Jack Harkness, head of Torchwood. Welcome to our base. *Using present tense now instead of past, as if he's forgotten about the whole time line mix up...but it's okay. It feels nice to forget for a little.*

Make yourself at home for now, but we don't intend on staying much longer. *Nods to Sherlock.* Same goes to you. I appreciate all the help I can get.

(( Okay I've got to go to bed and I'm not creative enough to end this post so, phase me out as you will @____@ ))
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Fixed Point In Time

*Big. Fat. Grin.* I feel so naked right now. biggrin

A home cooked meal served by a cute boy in a suit. Can things get any better?

I don't think he intended you to be as happy about that as you are.

*Smiles to himself at Jack's praise though, sitting down to a good meal. Nods to Phete.* Excellent. Even the chef from hell couldn't complain.

*Afrerwards would have helped Phete cleaned dishes and clean the area in general, escorting Jack back to wherever they've been sleeping together.*
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*Once everyone's finished dinner and she and Ianto cleaned up, will make a circuit around the warehouse, in a much better mood, and will start making sure everyone's cared for. Will find Martin, leave a plate for him, and make sure he's sleeping warmly, and comfortably. Will get Lefty and John some blankets, and really sneakily make sure they're both situated, along with Watson, too.*

*Will leave Jack and Ianto alone for fear of walking in on them mid boink.*
*Still very much awake, having accepted Jack's handshake and the meal offered to him. Staring out of one of the raised warehouse windows - shipping crates make for excellent platforms, you know - with his plate and a flask in hand. Will end up nodding off up there if nobody feels like bothering him for anything.*
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*Still very much awake, having accepted Jack's handshake and the meal offered to him. Staring out of one of the raised warehouse windows - shipping crates make for excellent platforms, you know - with his plate and a flask in hand. Will end up nodding off up there if nobody feels like bothering him for anything.*

*When he does eventually fall asleep, will ninja in like Santa on Christmas night with a blanket, and make sure he's comfy too. And hopefully not get accidentally burnt to a crisp.*
Just Left of Center
FML. The moment I re-discover The 10th Kingdom, that's when my VHS copy finally gives up the ghost. And of course the DVD version is between $40-$70 on Amazon. -_____-

*adds to the "Never getting, but still going to ask Santa, just in case" list*

(( gonk It's how much?! Why?! I got my DVD copy for under $10 at Blockbuster a few years ago.))
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      *Found a mission in Skyrim that's WORSE THAN ALL THE ******** SPIDERS.* gonk *And he has to repeat it because of a bug.*
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"Descend, heartless angel... Don't worry. There will always be a door to the light."

Uhm.. is this supposed to happen?

"Don't ever forget: wherever you go, I'm always with you. Don't ever lose sight of your light."
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*annoying post just to get us one step closer to page 100.*
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this is nice. My compliment.

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