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*Pokes her head out of a blanket at the commotion, and stands next to Lefty.* Wuzzup...?

*And, Haley should know I miss her. Maybe.*
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Dangerous Flatterer

After Summer Merrily
Far be it from me to break his brains.
*grins and hides*

*Pretty sure he's being mocked, about to make yet another snarky comment when there's a gun pointed at his head. Oh dear, was forgetting what that felt like. Tenses, raising in hands in surrender while slowly turning to look at Jack's pet.* Down boy...

*Frowns as Jack storms in, was sort of expecting this which just makes it more annoying than anything else.* What, not even a please anymore? confused *Glances between Jack and Ianto nervously less than happy at the demand to hand over his manipulator.* And if I don't then what, Eye Candy's gonna shoot me? You've stooped low, you know that, getting your little team to do the dirty work.

*Tentativly unstraps the thing around his wrist anyways, not willing to test it. Hands it over to Jack.* Time was it used to be both us.
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Magical Storyteller

*gives Ariel an amused "behave, please" look* Brain-breaking would be bad, so yeah. Thanks for that, hun. ^ ^

*then looks up in shock at the click and sees it's Ianto and then Jack. Frowns at how they're treating John. Yes, can understand why, but it's not going to help in the long run. If you want cooperation, you have to give an olive branch out in return. And no, doesn't believe it will be a quick fix either. But it has to start somewhere...*
... I'll forgive you since you said sorry. Manners are a weak point of mine, just so you know. *smiles a little at Ianto before turning serious* Just be nice, alright? *means being nice to John*

*watches John hand over his manipulator and feels a little bad for him* : (

*glances at Phete and shrugs* Don't know, besides we got a new guest. *points behind to Ariel who is probably still using her as a hiding spot* Phete, meet Ariel. ^ ^
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Fashionable Explorer

*Practically yanks the manipulator away from John, ignoring all of usual jibes and taunts.* The act's getting old John, just like you. stare

*Looks to Phete.* He took a pilot out for some "target practice" and got into a hell of a lot more trouble than he bargained for. Almost got both of them killed.

*Turns back to John and gets in his face with a snarl.* I told the Doctor you were my responsibility but I am sick and tired of cleaning up after you. If you want to help out so much then you cook and you clean but so help me I WILL leave you here if one more person dies because of you.
*Make that two new guests.*

*There wasn't any doubt that he'd easily be able to find his blogger, the man carves a trail wide enough for a blind man to follow. Did in fact find him, and is in fact in the very same warehouse as everyone else. Has been simply observing for a while, since he fully expects that aforementioned blogger will find him easily as well. And I don't know why, but my writing style always shifts whenever I write a Holmes, no matter the era. ...God, I've got to shake the rust off. *
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Fashionable Explorer

(( *fangirl squee!* /inappropriate cosplay to do this on? ))
*Sexy? That's disturbing... Of course, doesn't quite get it, so isn't quite as bothered as he might be*
Brave and gusty hero, be gentle with the rogue.
A simpleton is not cured by buffets. wink

*not familiar with guns. Leans over Lefty's shoulder and plays with her hair. Just feels like a breeze*

*fades away*

((BBL, possibly. Must go places.))
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((Jack would totally fanboy.))

*Remains mostly neutral, and can gather the pilot is the one who was with John the other night.* ...christ. You really don't play low stakes. v__v

*Looks worriedly at Jack and Ianto, though, more concerned for all parties involved.* Right. Um...oh, nice to meet you, Ariel. *But then he's gone.* ...faeries. What next. *Things are getting really dangerously complicated now.* uh, anything I can do to help out here?

*Just wants to be helpful so she doesn't feel overwhelmed and lost.*
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Dapper Humorist

Just Left of Center
Just be nice, alright? *means being nice to John*

*After John hands over the manipulator will pull the trigger... Because it's a water gun, spraying a soft mist onto the Captain's cheeks.* Machine wash, gentle cycle.

*Tosses the toy to John, just to rub it in, moving to stand by Jack's side.* I've got coffee duty though, sort of an important thing, that.

*Smiles slightly at Ariel's comment.* I could get used to that kind of poetry. *Is there another man lingering off to the side? Sort of hard to tell from here.*
(( Totally appropriate. Yes. ))

*Winds up leaning against the wall next to Sherlock. Bit difficult since the rifle he snagged ages ago has now found a proper holster on his back, but... *

*Sighs, shutting his eyes and shaking his head a little.* ... Took you long enough. *Totally blowing his cover on purpose.*
*still doesn't feel like showing herself off, so enters the thread disguised as a cat once again. Will begin nosing around for the most populated area she can find.*
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Fashionable Explorer

*Not as enchanted by Ariel's poem.* Gusty? What, not charming or handsome? confused

*Looks apologetically to Phete and Lefty. Didn't mean to scare them with the whole fake gun business but wasn't sure how else to make John cooperate. And no Lefty, olive branches don't work with this guy, he's a thief and a compulsive liar. You shouldn't trust him under ANY circumstances.*

*Points to Phete.* Please tell me you can cook. I could die for fish and chips.

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*Relief that the gun wasn't real. Doesn't look sorry for John. Figures he'd really hate that.* I'll keep you company at some point.

*Looks almost insulted at Jack's question and snorts dismissively.* Can I cook. Psh. Are you gorgeous? ;D

*Rolls up her sleeves and gets a rogueish smirk.* Let me tell you somethin, hot stuff *winks at Ianto, then Jack, suddenly seeming to be in a much better mood. a** pat for Lefty.* My dad's a pro, and fish and chips is one of his specialties. I just happen to know the secret.

;D You are all in for a delicious treat. Let's go find me a fryalator.

((I'm so fat, lol. Food makes me so happyyyy. And seriously, my dad is an amazing chef, opened/managed four successful restaurants. ...I also now have the WORST craving for fish and chips ever.))
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Magical Storyteller

*tries to flatten her hair after Ariel plays with it and is about to say something snarky, but he's gone* Um. Bye then?

*purses her lips at Ianto and his slight immaturity, but won't scold him. For now* Thanks. >____>
*but then perks up at the mention of cooking. Will either help Phete or probably sit with John, depending on his reaction. And no, doesn't trust him. But willing to give him a chance*
*jumps at the pat and blushes while trying to cover her rear* .///////. Phete! I love you, honey, but please refrain from touching anything BELOW the waist.

*catches the sight of something out of her peripheral vision and swallows back a scream* Oh, holy crap! o_______o *proceeds to curse like a sailor Mom would be so proud /shot at the unexpected scare by Sherlock and Watson*
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Dangerous Flatterer

*Catches the water gun, realizing what a fool they've made him out to be. Frowns at Jack's ultimatum feeling a bit cheated and hurt.* You know I have done so much for you since I first stepped in this place "Captain" Jack. But oh it's never enough is it? Not unless it's done you're way.

*Sniffs, gathering up what's left of his pride.* Maybe some day you'll appreciate that.

*Doesn't intend on sticking around for dinner he turns around and makes himself scarce so all the goody goods can enjoy their own company.*

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