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"...The scrolls describe that the demons of chaos, death, sacrifice, mythos and vengeance heralded the way for a greater evil; an evil trapped inside an object. The priests call out that every five thousand years these five demons take form and claim souls in preparation for the arrival of Adaru or, translated from Sumerian, Fear. For when the demons have claimed enough souls, Adaru will reveal himself and bring hell with him..."
- "Demons Among Us: Uncovering Evil", Dr. Abraham Lockheed




Dare to run from that which no man or woman can ever escape. That which resides in all beings. That which is eternal and universal.

I have been watching since the dawn. Ever-present. Waiting.

It is time.

Julian Browning rolled 1 6-sided dice: 5 Total: 5 (1-6)

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""Vengeance is depicted showing one individual bludgeoning another with an object. This object is always seen with light emanating from it.""
- "Demons Among Us: Uncovering Evil", Dr. Abraham Lockheed

Welcome to Universal Studios, Orlando Florida. Before we... usher you into the park, please take heed of our rules and regulations. You break them? We break you.

      i. First and foremost, follow Gaia's Terms of Service. This should be common sense, but some don't have enough sense to follow it.

      ii. No godmoding, no metagaming. For this, we have a three strike rule. Three strikes, and you're chainsaw-fodder.

      iii. Ignorance is not bliss. If something happens and your character would be able to notice, then you take notice. No exceptions.

      iv. We expect a certain degree of literacy. As a group we use ** and other special variants for actions, some of us go for a fully narrative style, and others are halfway. Please don't talk in 1337 unless it's either a joke or part of your character.

        b. No Bumping. Find somewhere else to gain energy, please. One strike, you're out.

      v. Costumes. During the day, costumes are not permitted in the park. At night they're not usually permitted, but surprise surprise, we decided to drop that rule as well. We may even have a contest later on, what fun.

      vi. The most important rule. Anyone can die. (Except those who are canonically immortal.) You'll just "respawn" at the gates of the park later on, like nothing happened. You must roll one 6-sided die on your dying post in order for respawning to work. The number you roll is how many posts must go by until you can appear back at the gates. Anything less, you're consumed by Fear's wards and have to roll again. Unless it's the end of the night. Respawn is instant if you're one of the last two, or the sun rises in Orlando. Please try to keep it within Gaia's limits, we don't want to go and break a rule now, do we?

        b. Being killed is absolutely optional. If you do not want your character to die, please say so, and they will be granted immunity.

        c. Players cannot kill without some sort of consent. Be it picking up an envelope, or actively saying so. Please include a disclaimer when you're planning to kill, with your planned mode of consent.

        d. The following types of cosplays are automatically immune to death unless otherwise stated.
        ___Child characters
        ___Event Icons (Including Fear)

      vii. Everything stops at dawn. The park returns to normal, all damaged is repaired, and everyone who died the following night lives again, with only a faint memory of death.

      viii. On character duplicates. They will be allowed for this event on condition that they do not directly interact. Any direct interaction will result in paradox. Paradox will be dealt with in a similar manner to death. Both parties will roll one six-sided die and be frozen for that many posts. Instead of appearing at the main gate, they'll be transported to separate sides of the park.

      ix. The rest of our regulations and main thread are located here. Any queries can be directed to But Fear Himself, I Am Behind the Screams, or any of the thread regulars.

Good evening moviegoers, and welcome to the Universal Palace. Since her grand opening in October 1922, all of Hollywood's greatest movies have graced her screens. She is a proud and dignified lady, one that demands the proper respect and dignity. She will not be insulted, and rude behavior will not be tolerated. EVER.

Once Upon A Horror rolled 1 6-sided dice: 5 Total: 5 (1-6)

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"Mythos is always represented by someone holding a blood stained scroll or book."
- "Demons Among Us: Uncovering Evil", Dr. Abraham Lockheed

      On the ECT:

      Once upon a time in a place that is beneath the ground
      Lies a bunker where amazing people and things could be found
      From heroes and their dastardly villains from the pages of comic books
      To the the small little creatures hiding in shadowy crooks
      Aliens and robots as well as creatures of myth
      Gather in that place for either peace or for a gruesome tiff
      Fights would be fought and love would be won
      As well as death from a knife or a smoking gun
      Explanations cannot be found
      Of why this place is under ground
      Nor why these people come 'round
      It seems as if their fates are bound
      To this place of wonder
      Or is it a place of horror, I ponder?

      On HHN Orlando:

      [Halloween Horror Nights began at Universal Studios Florida in 1991 under the title Fright Nights but was re-christened Halloween Horror Nights in 1992, advertising it as the "second annual" event. It began as a 3 night event but has since evolved into a 23-night scare-a-thon spanning late September through the first weekend of November. Although it normally only operates from Thursday to Sunday, an occasional Wednesday occurs during what scareactors dub "Hell Week", known for its large crowds and the increase of alcohol related incidents.

      From 1991-2001, the event was held at Universal Studios Florida. Halloween Horror Nights moved to Islands of Adventure in 2002. 2004 was an experiment with a dual park format, which opened parts of both parks. Guests were funneled through backstage areas and the soundstages, where most of the haunts are built. In 2006, the event made a return to Universal Studios Florida where the event continued through its 18th year in 2008.

      Each year's event, though unique, has certain characteristics in common with other years, these include houses, shows, scarezones, event icons, and event phrases. Depending on the park in which the event is held, certain popular attractions that are regularly open during business hours are also opened during the event to help alleviate the crowds.]

      [information taken from the Horror Nights Wiki.]

Remember the moral of the story dear, one man's treasure is another man's PAIN!
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"Sacrifice is shown always creating something no matter the cost. If it’s a painting, it is his own blood that soaks the canvas. A sculpture is created using the bones of the ones he knows."
- "Demons Among Us: Uncovering Evil", Dr. Abraham Lockheed

Park: Universal Studios Florida | Islands of Adventure

      PsychoScareapy: Echoes of Shadybrook

      The truth, as they say, is far stranger than fiction, and in this instance they happen to be correct. Although Shadybrook's doors have indeed been closed for the last 15 years, the place is still very much alive with all of the criminally insane souls that have ever walked its halls.

      Silver Screams

      Welcome to the Universal Palace, the jewel of Orlando's movie theatres from it's reformatting in 1922. Originally a playhouse, most of her old mechanics are still perfectly intact. During the 1940s, tragedy struck the Universal Palace when a theatre usher accidentally died by hanging in her old sandbag ropes. Ever since then, the Palace has been plagued by other tragic accidents, and witnesses have reported that the very same usher has been spotted at the scene of every one.

They say that film is art. FILM IS NOT JUST ART! Film is power. Film is magic. But most of all, film is a weapon.
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"Death is always calm and calculated, seen all in black holding an hourglass."
- "Demons Among Us: Uncovering Evil", Dr. Abraham Lockheed

      Of course, since this is an event where indiscriminate slaughter is one of the main focuses, it only makes sense that someone should keep track of who kills who, and how. It makes even better sense that I, your Caretaker, should be the one to keep track. This post will be updated daily and if I don't catch your killing post (which I highly doubt will happen), please send it my way.

      Julian Browning
      *Totally going to take that as a "go forth and kill the ******** out of ALL THE THINGS"*

      *Snaps around uncharacteristically fast and SLAMS his torch into the back of a bored-looking patron's head.*

      Eddie Schmidt
      You sneak up on two other park guests distracted by Julian's direct assault and snarl out...

      "iiiiiii seeEEEE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU! twisted

      You figure you might as well pay tribute to Julian's first blood initiative by swinging the chainsaw directly at their necks, decapitating them both.

      The 1000 Year Witch
      *raises her arms high into the air. Two streams of golden butterflies erupt from the wall behind her, going right through Dean and Lefty's stomachs before transporting them outside. The bodies will be deposited side-by-side at the hotel entrance, surrounded by sweets and with their innards askew.*

      Knightly Failure
      *Straddled over Ianto's hips, digging her claws into his shoulders, not at all carefully, and stares at him and howls again, loud, wolf-like. Thankfully, that shot misses, thanks to some Granny induced super speed, and what Jack will likely find, is the normally well natured Phete opening her maw and ripping out Ianto's throat.*

      *Once it is ensured that Ianto will die, will bury her face in his bleeding throat, as scarlet starts staining her, everywhere. Eats. Gorges on him, opens his belly like it's a link of sausage and feeds on his still warm flesh, until she feels like he's slipping away. Raises her hands, and with a feverish intensity, digs her hands into his chest, until she feels the ribcage and snaps it open with a snarl, cackling madly. Will go for the prize.*

      ...the heaaart. *And will rip it from the poor man's body, with his last, final breaths, and stare up at Jack, looking nothing like herself, covered in his lover's blood and devours the heart of the man known as Ianto Jones.* Heee...heee hee hee hee. Delicious...don't worry darling. Don't be afraid of the big bad wolf, baby. <3 I'll take gooood care of what's left.

      *And as she finishes that warm, bleeding muscle, will lean down and lap at the gaping wound of Ianto's neck, and begin to feed again, smiling toothily all the while.*

      Once Upon A Horror
      *frowns before smiling widely and takes out her scissors from a pocket. Grabs Clasion and cuts out their tongue, causing them to choke on their own blood* This story did need a tongue to help it along... *cackles* twisted
      *still unseen*

      The Seven Stakes Sisters
      W-Wha- *is shot and falls to her knees, eyes rolling back in her head. Explodes into golden dust and then fades away.*

      L-L-Luci... *sure, she's wished for a promotion at times, but...*

      You b*****d! An eye for an eye, then! scream

      *the remaining six turn into their weapon forms and fly at Phete's back in retaliation for their big sis.*

      Fixed Point In Time
      *Stumbles up the stairs only to find the sight of his nightmares, Ianto dead and ripped up by some sort of beastly monster.*

      No.....NOOOOO!! scream *Doesn't even think, pulls out his Webly and fires round after round into Phete's skull in a fit of raw rage and grief. It wasn't supposed to end like this. Jack knows how Ianto's life is supposed to end, and it's not like this, oh god not like this!*

      *Even when Phete is long past dead, in his fit of rage, will probably just continue bludgeoning her corpse until he's weary, and his hands are stained red.*

      Rogue Agent John Hart
      *Smirks. The Doctor isn't nearly as smart he pretends to be.* C'mon love. I'll take care of you...*Takes his gun from his belt and holds it to Jack's head. Holds Jack's face steady, maybe grabbing it a little TOO tight.*

      By the way. This is for shagging the office boy while I was locked up outside the door. That's just cruel.

      *Pulls the trigger, point blank.*

      Eddie Schmidt
      ((And I'll be heading to bed as well. Good RP night, by far!))


      Still walking along, you notice a "guh" coming from a person in front of you. Weirdly dressed, speaking monosyllabically, seemingly disoriented...


      ...probably not. Regardless, you have places to get to, so you place the girl down, get your chainsaw ready and thrust it like a spear several times through the presumably "zombie"'s torso and then go to chop the zombie's head off. The chainsaw gets stuck in halfway through the neck, so you have to hack at the neck three more times for the head to actually drop. If the chainsaw was in full steam ahead mode, this would've been easier but this one looked like of those runner zeds that the people b***h over. If it's not a zombie, they're dead for now. If they are...they still are. Everyone wins! Except for that person.

      You pick up the girl again and keep heading down the hallway and into a room with the door open. Seems deserted for now.

      ((No offense meant, dunno if you intended that as a mere bump or if you were just being...guhing. Willing to remove this post if it's something you feel strongly against.))

      Eddie Schmidt
      More of these strange pseudo zombies. "guh", "bump", and now "b". B? Are zombies getting so stupid that they can't say the full word anymore? You're not sure what to think about that sorta thing, but you know exactly what to do.

      You take your chainsaw, aim it for the very top of her head and then split her aaaaallll the way down. Nice set of halves, entrails spilling out on the ground and everything. Been a while since you pulled that one off, the dang thing usually gets jammed in the ribs someway and you have to pull that s**t out. Usually involves pulling the chainsaw off along with the better part of the ribcage. But not tonight. Smooth as butter. You love it when a plan comes together.

      Hush little baby, don't say a word
      Daddy's going to buy you a mockingbird
      And if that mockingbird don't fly
      Daddy says it's time to DIE!
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"The soul of Chaos is always depicted laughing wildly and revealing himself from, or holding an object like, a Pandora’s box."
- "Demons Among Us: Uncovering Evil", Dr. Abraham Lockheed

Now ladies and gentleman - let's not forget the kids, I'm a fan of a good show. And believe me, I put on the best. But we're gonna give ya a fair shot. If your murdering skills are up to snuff you could win some fabulous prizes!

Or we'll let you live a couple of minutes longer.


Most Creative Kill:
Novelty items and cute little stunts alone aren't gonna be enough here. Now say if you use an explosive pumpkin, a carving knife AND a unicycle... then we might be impressed!

Most Intricately Planned:
This is gonna go to our master murderer. The guy (or gal, hey, we're equal opportunity murderer enthusiasts!) who can make his kill have so many twists and turns there's a chance you can die just on the ride, we might just be impressed!

Most Devastating
There's something about murder we don't often appreciate. The effect it can have on another person when do the deed right in front of 'em. For this award we're gonna need to see someone in a pool of tears and blood for the climax, then we might just be impressed!

Most Collateral Damage
Sure any old super powerful beast or regular sadist can rip a guy apart, but where's the fun in that? ...oh. Oh, hah! I forgot, there's so much fun in that I'm tearing up a little. But still! We're talking about killing someone in such a destructive way you mess up the venues themselves! (No suing, we promise) Do this, and we might just be impressed!

Cleanest Kill
I gotta be honest with ya folks. My least favourite award. If I'm not bathing in the fluids of my victims I'm just not having fun. But for some, they take pride in this part of the job. Kill your target in the swiftest and least gory way - then we might just be impressed!

Goriest (without breaking the ToS) Kill
Let me be clear about this one: I WANNA SEE BLOOD, I WANNA SEE GORE, I WANNA SEE ORGANS STREAMING THE WALLS LIKE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! Because remember, it's never too early to think about Christmas. For this, we might be impressed!

Stealthiest Kill
Isn't the best scene the one where the killer is quietly lurking in the room the entire time the two teens are having sex? That's what we're looking for here! Minus the sex, I guess. Make your terrifying presence known to a room by dropping a guy without them even seeing ya! For this, we might just be impressed!

Head in a microwave! Corrosive acid pie to the face! The good old boxing glove! All classically hilarious methods of murder, boys and girls. But we need something so side splittingly (maybe literally!) hilarious we'll have a hard time telling ya you've won! If you can manage that we might just be impressed!

Best in Show
And here it is folks. The big prize. The ultimate murderer's reward for the the ultimate murder by the ultimate murderer. Ya gotta be pretty ultimate to land this one!

Now I hear ya bitching about prizes. First of all: Kills don't count if they're during the day, since the no-kill rule is active at that time. Now. First seven categories get material prizes (like the big puppy plush filled with bones or gold or somethin') but for Best in Show - they win Fear's Favour. What's that you ask?

Fear's Favour: Guaranteed immortality for a period of five days (if character isn't already immortal), and a set of powers as decided on by Fear himself. Impress the man enough? You get to run the show on Halloween night. Powers only work after sunset.

Here's a riddle for ya, see if you can guess the punchline! What's the difference between a scream and a shriek?

A longer blade! Ahahahaha!
The Chronarch's avatar

Anxious Shapeshifter

*Heaves himself off of the plane upon arrival, looking like he's having some trouble getting his footing. The rest of his Knights look equally as uneasy.*

Hrrgh... may the Unseens Ones damn whoever invented that hellish contraption. stressed
*Out of the plane by this point* Oh god what is this. ...IT LOOKS AWESOME.
Fixed Point In Time's avatar

Fashionable Explorer

*Obviously not satisfied with the Stewardess's answer.* Conveniently missing hmm? *It might seem cruel with a sick child involved but then agian John might be right about his dark streak.*

*Leans back alongside the other Time Agent nodding to the Stewardess that he's done with the questions since they appear to be landing now. Gives John a sharp glance when he calls him "love", dismissing his insinuation.* Don't. *Shakes head.* There's something odd going on, but I don't know what yet. I need to figure out whose behind all of this and what they're hiding.

*Speaking of, time to get off.*
InfernalExuro's avatar

Beloved Survivor

7,900 Points
  • Brandisher 100
  • Peoplewatcher 100
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
Welp. I think I'm just going to take my guns and go set up lurkspace somewhere. ninja
*several little spiders come scurrying out of the plane and go off into the park to find places to make webs* 8888D

*hope the Icons and the others won't mind*
*disappears off of the plane and appears on a wall somewhere in the park*
*several little spiders come scurrying out of the plane and go off into the park to find places to make webs* 8888D

*hope the Icons and the others won't mind*


I'm following you, Exuro. >_>

I wish I could learn how to shoot arrows. *Hasn't done that since high school and it was fun. Along with being useful*

*is now no longer in the cargo hold, but now somewhere close to where people frequent often*

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