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Who do you ship Katniss with?

Peeta + Katniss = Peeniss 0.66881028938907 66.9% [ 208 ]
Gale + Katniss = Gatniss 0.33118971061093 33.1% [ 103 ]
Total Votes:[ 311 ]
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the lovers lie's avatar


17,400 Points
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Elocutionist 200
  • V-Day 2011 Event 100
District 4 tribute. You avoided the cornucopia and ran in the opposite direction. You ran for what felt like hours and came to a gorge. You decided to take the risk and jump across the chasm. Unfortunately you came up short and plummeted to your death.
berserk_dragon's avatar

Dapper Dabbler

the lovers lie
District 7
You and a boy from District 12 have a friendly chemistry ever since you met after the Reaping. The both of you agree on an alliance. Skilled with fighting w/o weapons, you get quite a few sponsors. You do not grab for the weapons in the Cornucopia, and take a modest pack. As you rest, you hear the death toll on the first day and see your ally was killed in the bloodbath. This doesn't discourage you much. You are weaponless throughout most of the Games and take out many. Until the last day. 4th place.
The Mutts are out and you manage to avoid most of them. There aren’t many places to hide, so you climb a tree. A bolt of lightning causes you to fall. You see a figure approaching. The final sight you see is the eyes of that boy from Distract 12. His jaws clamp on your neck.
kimimaru4's avatar

Rainbow Phantom

+the lovers lie
+District: 10; livestock
+Skills: Gymnastics, extremely swift
+3rd place; 22nd to die
+There was a fullout war between the tributes at her games. No one wanted to kill but the careers, who couldn't find anyone. So, the gamemakers threw a feast. 13 people left. During this feast, her district partner charged for his package (they were not allied). He was stopped, however, by the career gang who emerged from the Cornucopia. They were hungry for blood. Then, right as they were about to break his spine, an arrow flew from the opposite side of where she was standing, skewering one of the 5 remaining careers' hands to another ones chest. Out of the same area, 3 people charged, one lagging slighty behind and shooting more arrows. The now-connected careers were both dead almost immediately. The arrow had hit one of them in a vital organ; the other was killed by the district 10 boy who stabbed him in the abdomen using a throwing knife. As soon as he had killed him, he bolted, leaving his package. However, he was interrupted once again by a pair from district 7 both wielding hatchets/tomahawks. He, also being a slight gymnast, ducked and weaved the two simultaneous ax swings, still however taking a whack in the calf from the blunt side. The injury broke his leg, rendering it useless. At this time, he was once again saved by the sneaky girl from 8. The lovers lie didn't even see her aproach, but when she did, it was lights-out for district 7. Two blow darts planted perfectly in their backs. They seemed to hover for a moment, but then both fell together, paralyzed and poisoned. The disrict 10 boy began crawling away, but he would have no chance of escape at that rate. As the girl from 8 slowly trodded towards him, the lovers lie ran from her hiding spot as well. She dive rolled at the girl, tripping her and landing her on her back. All of a sudden, a pitchfork flew past the lovers lie, missing her by inches and landing inside of the 8 girl's stomach on the ground. It had belonged to one of the careers, who were now also joining them, followed by the three. The 10 boy continued to crawl as the lovers lie rolled towards the career pack's leader, tripping him as well. He landed face-first, dropping his weapon; a silver katana blade. She rolled backwards, picking up the blade as she went up. Now the career boy was not happy. As he stood up, he grunted and then bellowed in anger. One of his teammates came to help him up, but he was blinded by anger. Irationnally, and without reason, he snapped the teammate's neck. The only other remaining career began to stumble backwards at this time as well, as the enraged career boy pounded his feet on the soft, grassy ground, running towards his last teammate. He dove, tackling her to the ground and began beating her with his fists. This did not last long however, for their fate was not a good one either. A giant, spiked club came down on the boy's back with a sickening crunch. He fell onto the career girl, dead. The girl shrieked in fear, but was cut short by the club as well. Another crunch. It was one of the three, followed closely by his two also-male teammates. The lovers lie ducked as the club swung right over her head, swishing in the warm air. She slashed from her lowered position, cutting off the club-boy's leg at the knee. He fell, and blood poured viciously from the wound. He clenched his teeth in pain as she stood. And then she ended his life, impaling him in the stomach and slashing upward. The boy with the bow and arrow shot at her, attempting to save his friend. She hucked the katana towards him, but instead hit his friend who wielded a mere slingshot. The feast had brought the numbers down to only three. As the lovers lie turned, she saw her district partner stand, shaking in pain. Just then the arrow boy dropped his bow, picking up his partner's club. Both her district partner and this boy charged her, and she blacked out.
The arrow boy had reached her first, swinging the club wildly like a madman. She had tried to jump over his swing, but he had changed course mid-swing and hit her straight in the side. Her body was ruined and she fainted. She died seconds later. Meanwhile, the arrow boy turned to find his doom as well; the district 10 boy had picked up his dropped bow and pulled a single arrow from the ground nearby. He shot, and impaled the boy's throat, naming him Victor of his games.
xKawaiiPandix's avatar

6,400 Points
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
  • Profitable 100
  • Trader 100
+ District 1
+ Career
+ 19th to die
+ Surprise attack from a muttation, couldn't outrun it and got killed
berserk_dragon's avatar

Dapper Dabbler

District 4
6th place
Makes Career allies. You slaughter most of your pack when you turn on them. You flee the scene, dizzy and trying to cover the blood trail you're leaving. You seach the woods for something to help the wound only to turn up empty handed. Days go by and you wait for possibley a sponser to send you something. It never happens. Death by infection.
Aha's avatar

Shameless Loiterer

13,750 Points
  • Survivor 150
  • Jolly Roger 50
  • Champion 300
District 1 - Career
22nd to die
You dominate the field in the beginning and team up with a career from 2. But as the numbers dwindle so does the food supply. Your ally decides the last of the food is more important then an ally when there is only one other tribute left. Your death is a knife to the jugular over the last piece of cheese.
the lovers lie's avatar


17,400 Points
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Elocutionist 200
  • V-Day 2011 Event 100
District 3 tribute! You gain advantage over the remaining tributes by finding a pair of night vision goggles. Especially useful in the dark maze of tunnels of this years underground arena. You follow voices up ahead and turn a corner to find two allied tributes struggling to see and limping. Easy targets you think as you slink forward, blade in hand. You make your kills silently and rummage through their few belongings. You are too busy to notice when district 8 charges from around the bend and attacks you. You're knocked on your face and he grabs you by your hair and slams your head against the floor. The last thing you feel before you blackout is the night vision goggles being slid off your face and the slick feel of blood pooling around your hair.
Spirit of Redemption's avatar

Dapper Gekko

the lovers lie

You would be from District 10!
You are not a career, but you are the winner of your year in the hunger games!

In the beginning of the games, you are considered a weak contender and injured early on by the group of careers. However, a fat man is grateful to your district for your production of meat, so he sponsors you and purchases a very high-tech set of antlers and ears that allow you to communicate with the animals in the arena. Because the arena is extremely loaded with animals this year, a theme, you are able to use them to slowly kill of your enemies one by one. Finally you and a career are left. Somehow you manage to kill him, but before you could finish him off, he knocks off your high-tech gear. You are no longer able to communicate with the animals and they turn on you. Before you can be swept up into victory, you are mauled by the animals and horribly disfigured. Not even the advanced surgeries of the Capitol can restore you completely. : (
xAiZn_EmO_pRiDex's avatar

Profitable Smoker

District 3
not sure if career or tribute
last to die

At the beggining of the games you quickly ran to the safest place you could but scraped your leg in the process, but wasn't really a big deal. so you use all of your resources to make a non-noticable shelter. After several deaths and destruction, you decide to come out where someone is somewhat standing beside the shelter. you quickly snap his neck and run to see if there is any weapons left, luckily there is you grab 2 knives and a bow and arrow you use it to take down everybody else except for a district 11 tribute. hours later, you find the 11 and severely hurt them until they trip and stab you several times. later after their declared victory they die of infection.
XxChristianEmilyxX's avatar

4,550 Points
  • Grunny Grabber 50
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Treasure Hunter 100
Your name was Pike Salem, a 14 year old child from District 4. That year, the arena was a beach. You should have felt right at home there, correct? Wrong. That was the year there was no career pack. You made it to 11/24, then got speared by the Career Pack, tossing your broken body to the sharks than lay in wait in the water.
District 7. You were recruited by the Careers for your strength and obvious skill with weapons. When numbers started dwindling, tensions grew thick. A career breakup was around the corner and you wouldn't be taken down. While on gaurd one night you decided to move things along and chopped off district ones head ( he was always the strongest) and took off. As the final three were rounded into the open to battle it out, you were wounded by the last career from 2. She whipped you in the eye blinding you. You never even saw it coming when the district 6 brute attacked you from behind.
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4,400 Points
  • Befriended 100
  • Consumer 100
  • Friendly 100
I have always wanted to see the movie, i hope i get to see it soon, sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop
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Malevolent Kitten

19,050 Points
  • Signature Look 250
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Nerd 50
those city lights
because above poster skipped her.

+ What district are they from?


+ Would they be a career or a tribute?


+ What would they finish as? (2nd-24th or winner?)

5th dead

+ How would they die? (If they lose!)

During the huge fight at the cornacopia sad
i stalk mime's avatar

9,100 Points
  • Junior Trader 100
  • Mark Twain 100
  • Market Browser 100

District 5 tribute. You make a great impression at the interviews and gain tons of sponsors. They're expecting quite a show from you. Unfortunately you get careless in the arena and draw too much attention to yourself. While you make a rather dramatic kill, a boy from district 10 who is trying to hide worries that the Careers will come if they hear you; he settles to quiet you himself. He is strong and swift as he ends you and leaves. The Careers show up seconds later confused by the scene.

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