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Who do you ship Katniss with?

Peeta + Katniss = Peeniss 0.66881028938907 66.9% [ 208 ]
Gale + Katniss = Gatniss 0.33118971061093 33.1% [ 103 ]
Total Votes:[ 311 ]
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district 8
probably die 7th
infection started from a foot wound and leading into the bloodstream
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Shameless Cutie-Pie

District 8
20th to die
Heat stroke
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District 1 Career, made it to the top six and then a tree fell on you.
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District 6
Died 8th place on third day
Same death as Rue, without the whole burial sequence :3

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evil twisted
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District 8, expert with textiles
snagged a packet of needles and thread at fringe of Cornucopia, made a blow-dart gun with a found piece of hollow bamboo, dipped needles in nightlock juice and sniped every opponent within range; used thread to reel needles back in and also for triplines.

Voted most-creative-killer by Capitol viewers.
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District 4 tribute, died just out of the bloodbath. You ran right into a District 3 wire trap which almost completely decapicated you.
District 8.

Probably would die..
From someone from District 2.

Get your skull smashed in.
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Hilarious Entrepreneur

yes biggrin
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Dapper Dabbler

(Uh, I'll do 2 because one didn't have a proper post lol)

District 10
Lasts a while, really the one to beat. 3rd place.
While trapped in a ring of fire, Mutts sniff you out as they dart through the flames. You put up one great fight though.

zeeys cullen
District 6
Made it past the bloodbath, ends up in 13th place.
Hunted by a Career group and couldn't take them all on at once.
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Berserk, tribute from District 5 wins the games. You poison the water supply that the careless careers don't bother to purify. And then outrun your remaining District 7 competitor against flames, mutts, and a throwing axe.
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Dapper Dabbler

I stalk mime
District 9
You last several days being the trickster of the bunch. You do everything in the book; set traps, make friends until they outlast their usefulness, ect. This help you survive, even with the lack of sponsors. But alas, the final battle is your downfall. 2nd place.
Forced to confront your final opponent, a brutish gal from Distract 7, you see that you probably won't make it out alive. You promised yourself and your Distract that you would leave your mark though. During the violent battle, you are able to take her ear and leave a scar that runs down her neck. She eventually takes her large battle axe and slices you in half. Ever since the Games, you haunt her in her dreams.
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District 11 tribute! You were known as the harvest goddess and had sponsors coming from left and right. You and your district partner made it to the top seven to witness the Career breakup and watched as they killed eachother off. A district 1 archer survived and came after you two. You took an arrow for your partner and saved his life. You came in third and he never forgot you for saving his life and took care of your family when he went back home.
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District: 7
District 12
Poisoned apple

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