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Who do you ship Katniss with?

Peeta + Katniss = Peeniss 0.66881028938907 66.9% [ 208 ]
Gale + Katniss = Gatniss 0.33118971061093 33.1% [ 103 ]
Total Votes:[ 311 ]
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xAiZn_EmO_pRiDex's avatar

Profitable Smoker

District 9
11th to die
died by being savagely stabbed,thrown off a cliff and stung by jacker trackers
District 3.
First to die.
Too busy listening to headphones, missed the countdown and stepped off his pedestal too early.
xAiZn_EmO_pRiDex's avatar

Profitable Smoker

LOL i think i should remove them
xAiZn_EmO_pRiDex's avatar

Profitable Smoker

*back to the subject*
District 7
15th to die
was in the same hunger games as me.
my teamate saw you laughing at me, shortly hunted you down and snapped your neck
i stalk mime's avatar

9,100 Points
  • Junior Trader 100
  • Mark Twain 100
  • Market Browser 100
Ummmm, I guess this is for pride unless ehhtz changes his post. :/

District 4 tribute, died day two when you froze to death.
Sorceress Djana's avatar

Shameless Cutie-Pie

District 8
5th to die
First day cornucopia slaughter.
District 2 career, the last to die, killed in an epic girl fight with the female from district one.
i stalk mime's avatar

9,100 Points
  • Junior Trader 100
  • Mark Twain 100
  • Market Browser 100
District 6 tribute, made it to the top five. You laughed yourself to death.
Peeta and katniss' pairing name is kinda.. Weird
xAiZn_EmO_pRiDex's avatar

Profitable Smoker

District 8 tribute
19th to die
sponsor sent note to teammate to kill you since you were starting an alliance with careers, shortly he (your teammate) stabbed you in the back several times causing you to bleed to death
forever young xoxo's avatar

Wealthy Seeker

5,600 Points
  • Friendly 100
  • First step to fame 200
  • Generous 100
I looked at a map of the US as Panem and I saw I was from D12 so I'm thinking I'd be killed by a D4 tribute at the bottom 5 by an trident, meanwhile hopping tree to tree.
Vampirate Kitsune's avatar

Apocalyptic Cutesmasher

15,750 Points
  • Destroyer of Cuteness 150
  • Thread Flip 150
  • Protector of Cuteness 150
District 4 tribute, dressed as mermaid for chariot ride and siren for interviews
Twelfth place.
Died of shock and poison after realizing the barrette a packmate put in your hair was actually a scorpion.
heart ? heart
x-iiNeonRain's avatar

Lonely Phantom

8,650 Points
  • Trader 100
  • Entrepreneur 150
  • Tycoon 200
district 11
12th place
speared with a trident by 4

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