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Cinna and Finnick
I like all the Charicters but if I had to choose it would be Katness
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Cinna and Haymitch.
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Just finished reading the books and my favourite characters have to be Finnick, Cinna and President Snow. I think he is such a perfect evil character that I can't help but hate him...which is why he is one of my faves XD
3nodding My FAVE character is Katniss heart ... She's had to make so many sacrifices... it's sad. cry
Mags and Rue are tied for my favorite character.
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Katniss, and Finnick~ 4laugh
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I cried at her death. :'( Why? She was such a talented little girl. D: sad
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Rue <3 I just started reading the book a week ago I ain't a fan of books but since everyone was talking about it I decided to read the book before seeing the movie till now Rue's been awesome but she died that's we're I am at the book ( I'm a slow reader but reading it out loud is best for me)
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Justin Bieber?

I don't know why but it made me laugh (:
My favorite character would have to be Cinna. He's so warm and caring in the books and he cares a lot about Katniss which I love.
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so many who i love so much. while finnick and annie are close seconds, my favorite has to be prim.

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