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lizzysaurs screams rawr
Yeppers heart
Finnick! I love me some comic relief (well, sort-of) characters heart
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ima have to say peeta -.-
Rue!! woot woot!! smile
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Remember to VOTE! We wanna be popular, right? 3nodding
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Haymitch. biggrin
Haymitch!!!! hes the bestest!!!
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All that is gold does not glitter,

Gonna be honest, I loved Cinna from the moment he was introduced.

Not all those who wander are lost.
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my fave character is peeta he made his skin look like rocks thts so cool
But Finnick and Cinna are close seconds
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katniss is okay excusing how fricken clueless she is

other than that, peeta's really the only character i liked

cinna's a close second
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Gale. Then Prim and the other little girl who died, forgot her name.. I read the books back in 6th grade so forgive my memorie!
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My Favorite character in The Hunger Games is Glimmer. Don't ask me why but I was fasinated by her in the book AND the movie. I was sad to see her die, even if she was super cruel. But then again I think she was cruel because she spent her whole life training for the Hunger Games in District One. I think she would have been a better person overall if she had been raised in District Twelve.
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1.a.)Cinna- His death was the most tragic of all, I sat there in my room balling for an hour over his death. Overall the best character in the series
1.b.)Rue- I cried over her death and she was freaking adorable in both the book and the movie
2. Finnick- the most lovable character in the whole story
3. Mags- Self sacrafice and she just made me laugh and cry
4. Johanna- Bad.a**. Enough said.

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