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Peeta and Cinna. Hands down.
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Finnick <3 & Johanna
My favorites are FINNICK and RUE! 3nodding
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I have six favorite characters!
1. Peeta Mellark heart
2. Finnick Odair heart
3. Cinna
4. Johanna Mason
5. Beetee "Volts"
6. Wiress "Nuts"
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Oh gosh, um...
Probable top three:
1. Book Haymitch. I don't care for Woody Harrelson. D; And Abernathy is such a pretty surname. :3
2. Cinnakins. <3
3. Finnick Odair.
Pretty typical top three, I suppose, but they're just so great. 8D
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Finnick. And I really did love Wiress and Beetee.
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I see a lot of people saying Johanna so I feel the need to admit I didn't really like her much =|
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my fave is katniss 4laugh heart
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Very much Rue, she never had any competition from anyone. A poor young girl who go thrown into this mess. Even though he's bad, I like President Snow, too.
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i lov the hunger games
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Finnick Odair!!! emotion_bigheart
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Allof yall's are soo true! Except for tht girl who sai Justin Bieber... stressed THERE'S NO JB IN THA HUNGER GAMES! scream
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Haha, I was just kidding. ;c
you like the hunger games?Was suprosed to see you on here
President Snow.

That old crafty b*****d.
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Wheezing Gekko

Finnick << Typical heh. sorrehh.
&& Haymitch c:

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