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Wow, a lot of interesting replies~
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My friend brought it to work as an audiobook and we listened to it togeather
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i thought everyone was reading it so i did
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I actually noticed "The Hunger Games" when it was first released. A friend had it, and she has lousy taste in books, so I immediately shied away from it. Not to mention I'm perfectly aware dystopian books are either hit or miss, normally miss.

So a few years later I was surprised to see my boyfriend's mom's best friend glued to it. I picked it up when they left to go somewhere and got through maybe seven pages before I had to put it down. Not for any reason besides of the choosing for the games being called "the Reaping". I have bad experience with corny names.

About a month later the book blew up my news feed on goodreads and I caved. Ended up reading the first two books in three or four days, and I'm on Mockingjay now. My dad actually read the first book in less than a day. We love it and are going to see the movie friday.
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Suzanne Collins wrote Gregor the Overlander, I loved that series so I decided to give Hunger Games a shot. cat_3nodding

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So, I read it.
Best decision ever

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        I saw the movie trailer and wanted more of Effie.
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I had heard rumors that it was good
and when they first started casting for the movie
i learned that Jennifer Lawrence was playing Katniss
and I loved her in first class
so that made me grab it even more
and now Im in love with it!
Long story. Okay... so at first my friend rec. to me. i went to
the library but it was out ( of course) so then i wanted to read it so bad
i FORCED my mom to drive me to bornes and nobles and bought the books. It was actuall
christmas. I was finished with the first book... and then to my surprise my sister got the 2 other
books for me. xDD
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I had been thinking about reading the hunger games for a while, but I always found another book to read or an excuse to put it off. It wasn't until I first saw the commercial when I decided, "OMFG! I GOTTA READ THIS BOOK!"
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Tons of fanart of it by artists I watch on dA.
My friends were also really into it.
Eventually I caved and read the first one.
Couldn't put it down, even going so far as to reading it on my breaks at work.
Eventually just bought the other two.
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I have actually seen magazines and such about the movie and even the book but it NEVER caught my attention like in Novemver; besides that fact that Peeta looked familiar in the magazine and then I knew it was Josh Hutcherson. But it was actually in February when my AVID teacher assigned the book that made me read it and made me love the series.
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First of all my friend kept saying how good they were. But I honestly kind of ignored it.
Then I saw the commercial for the movie for the first time and thought "Huh...I didn't know those books were that popular. I might have to pick one up sometime."
For Christmas I got an eReader and I downloaded the Hunger Games.
I was instantly in love after reading the first chapter!
I'm planning on going to the movie with the friend who first mentioned it to me! =]
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I was threatened at gun point by a friend and forced to read it. gonk

Just kidding. ... Well, about the threatened at gun point part.
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A lot of my friends whose opinions I trust said it was pretty awesome. I don't have time to read so I listened to the audiobooks. While the woman who was reading was probably the worst reader I've heard yet, the story was interesting enough to keep me listening to them.

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