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This movie felt like a rough draft to me.

Things I didn't like
1. Katniss knew about avox (cutting out tongue) in the first few minutes of the movie
2. Buttercup was NOT that cat and Liam is not Gale.
3. Rue deserved more screentime than Seneca. (see below)
4. Haymitch wasn't an alcoholic (they toned him down too much but he was still wonderful)
5. I didn't care about Prim. (she wasn't the lovable little girl from the book)
6. They could've kept Madge. (the pin story got deep in the other books:/ )
7. There wasn't a layer of dust on everything in 12. (Nor was there a chain link fence)
8. Katniss (and others in the Seam) didn't look all that hungry (she didn't gorge herself on the train)
9. In the flashbacks, Katniss was already old enough to hunt:/ she was supposed to be 11 years old.
10. Peeta didn't earn cred with the careers for finishing off that girl who started a fire in the arena.
11. The crown wasn't split into two pieces at the end.
12. The mutts were horrible. I thought they were more wolf-like.
13. Thresh didn't showdown with Cato
14. Glimmer was close to Cato instead of Clove.
15. They didn't put the berries in their mouths at the end. Actually, the whole ending with the medical hovercraft was changed.
16. Peeta never seems like he was near death. There wasn't a sense of urgency.
17. Shaky camerawork. I loved Cloverfield but this was distracting sometimes.
18. President Snow. He was too jolly looking. He was supposed to have puffy lips and look like plastic.

Things I liked
1. Effie Trinket! haha That's Mahogany! Manners! She was great<3
2. Katniss was perfect. She could convey so much with just her face.
3. Peeta was the charismatic charming guy we love.
4. The tracker jacker scene was MINT. Everything was so right and it was my favorite part of the first book.
5. Costumes! The capitol citizens looked amazing and Katniss' dress surprised me a little.
6. The capitol felt like a whole other world.
7. The control center for the Arena. It was a welcome addition/ felt like we were really going behind the scenes.
8. Flashing back to Gale when the romance bloomed onscreen. (hilarity ensued)
9. Seneca Crane looked and acted very much how I pictured him.
10. The countdown was intense and overall the movie had the same feel of the book.
11. Cesar Flickerman held the movie together.

The thing that bothered me the most was Rue. She should've had more character development and the movie didn't explain why she whistled in too much depth or how she knew about mockingjays. She didn't even get an interview. She doesn't tell Katniss about her district (which is the first she ever really learns about what goes on outside D12). So, when they flashed to D11 after her death I didn't realize where we were for a quick second. I was like that's grain... okay.. so what? Rue had no connection to Thresh and a very weak connection to her own district. People around in the theater were tearing up when she died, but everyone would have been bawling their eyes out if they had the chance to get to know her a bit before that.
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There were far more things that I didn't like but I try to look at the positives^.^
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One of the things that annoyed me was the crown, it's not that big of a deal but it would of been better if they had shown half of the crown on Peeta and half on Katniss.
Things I didn't like:
1. The end of the games, so half assed.
2. The flashback to Peeta and Katniss was a big WTF.
3. No Rue interview.
4. No emphasis on the fact that these people are Starving. Katniss couldn't have given two shits about all the food she was given.
5. Peeta, he looked as ridiculous as his acting.
6. Cinna was some BS.
7. The score. Oh wait, what score? It was way too quiet most of the time.
8. I felt like there were no Real conversations in the movie.
9. The camera work.
10. No Katniss inner narrative. She hardly spoke anyway, why not?
11. Katniss and Peeta were Nothing but awkward the entire movie together. So that last interview was about as empty and absurd as it could get.

Things I liked:
1. Ceasar was spot on, highlight of the movie
2. Haymitch was cool.
3. Liked Effie too.
4. Katniss
5. That it followed the book rather closely as far as events (even if most felt half assed)
6. I like that people are liking the movie

That's about it.
This is my only real problem with the movie:
You don't get a sense of how damaged Katniss and Peeta are by the end of it. They cut out the whole part where Peeta is dying and Katniss is screaming his name and pounding on the glass. They also took out the part where she is going in and out of consciousness when the doctors are trying to save her as well. All of her experiences give way to the intense nightmares she gets in the second book. I don't know, even though the tributes had faces in this movie, I still didn't feel as much compassion for them as I did in the book.

But, other than that, it was a good movie and I think there were some great parts. It just didn't have the emotional weight that the book did, for me at least.
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The Mutts. They didn't even explain anything about them. Not that they were the fallen tributes. I thought that was a good show of how messed up the Capitol was, and then they didn't even include it. I can handle all the other cuts, but I don't think Rue got enough time.
The Mutts. They didn't even explain anything about them. Not that they were the fallen tributes. I thought that was a good show of how messed up the Capitol was, and then they didn't even include it. I can handle all the other cuts, but I don't think Rue got enough time.

I agree, but I never noticed while I was watching the movie. I think the reason for that would be because I was someone who had already read the book, so I didn't need an explanation. However, now that you mentioned it they should've gone into more detail about the mutations.
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i hated the camera work in the beginning it was far too chaotic and i couldn't really see what was happening properly.
the worst thing though was that if you haven't read the books you wouldn't really know what the ******** was going on because the was no way to know. In sci-fi/fantasy films there needs to be a lot of introducing the audience to the world and getting a feel for the people there and the intro just didn't cut it in my opinion.
There was never any detailed description of the "showdown" between Thresh and Cato in the book so they're bound not to have the extra few minutes that it would take. It was already a fairly long movie they really couldn't add more to it or else it would have been too long.
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I agree with most of these- I was bitterly disappointed at how short Rue's death was (But I cried anyway)
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It could've been five hours long and I still would've watched it.
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I completely agree about Rue. I think they skimmed over her. We'd barely gotten to know her and before we had time to love her character, she was dead at that was the end of it :/

Also the dogs at the end. I had pictured them very very differently while reading the book and I'm still not sure if I liked how they looked in the movie.
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Yin and Yang Yume
I agree with most of these- I was bitterly disappointed at how short Rue's death was (But I cried anyway)

omigosh I love your siganture. Tobuscus ftw 4laugh and I cried too when Rue died crying
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the jackets the tributes wore... they looked like they prevented the cold. i do not approve.
I didn`t like how they didn`t mention how the Mutts eyes were supposed to look like those of the tributes.

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