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So I don't think that there should ever be a team Peeta, or a team Gale, because Katniss actually chooses Peeta in the end.

Which in case people are really blind, I said the word END, the end of the book people. Where she chooses Peeta, CHOOSES PEETA.

So the books over, they are together, and yet people are still team Gale?
Does anyone else find this moderately annoying, and kind of...useless since the books are over and the ending is definitive?
Ok all these people who are so in love with Peeta or Gale so what this is not twilight there is not teams ppl
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I blame twilight for all the stupid teams...
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As much as I love the Hunger Games and dislike Twilight, I can't really blame one series for creating the "Team" thing. It was mostly the fans who came up with the "Team" thing; so you can't exactly blame the books, sometimes you have to blame the fandom.

No matter how much you hate it....
People enjoy thinking wishfully.
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i agree 100%, but fangirls will be fangirls sadly
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At least I know there is sense in some of the people in the world.
Now I don't feel as alone thinking that this team thing is stupid.
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What I think is most annoying is that the romance isn't even the biggest part of the series. At least with the lame-a** Twilight, the "romance" was the whole part of the story. But The Hunger Games is bigger than a stupid love triangle where you know who she's gonna end up with (even if no one told you she went with Peeta) so I think it's kind of dumb that people are latching onto the romance moreso than any other aspect of the story. Doesn't anyone want to discuss the themes?! cat_crying
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Making threads about it is just as bad. Make a thread with some decent content and get rid of ALL the team spam. Including this.
Katniss could stay with Gale just because she wouldnt look for anyone else, not because of love, but because she would just acept that it would be her life, with him.

Im sorry my first language is not english
Unfortunately, no matter how much you hate it there's still gonna be the Team Peeta- Team Gale thing and you can't do much to stop it.
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Katniss and Peeta already have two children. (Read Mockingjay epilogue.)
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The team thing originated from Twilight. Whenever someone claims to be of "Team Gale" or "Team Peeta" I tell them I am of Team Johanna Mason, or Team Finnick just because well... it makes just as much sense as what they are saying. Katniss chooses Peeta in the end so I might as well throw those two out there xD
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I think the team stuff is just the twilight-fan-girl-trend-that-should-be-stopped. i hate the team crap, there really is no point.
There's something bigger behind these dumb, love issues about who's hotter or whatever..

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