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Which did you like better? The Hunger Games book, or the movie?

Book 0.80882352941176 80.9% [ 55 ]
Movie 0.19117647058824 19.1% [ 13 ]
Total Votes:[ 68 ]
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it's very hard to choose because i loved the book and the movie so..yeah.. i would have to go with both biggrin biggrin
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I personaly loved the books. Reading is like a movie in your brain! I was pretty dissapointed with the movie (No offence). The Book has more action. However, Hollywood applied too much of their 'Special Movie Gloss' this time. The ending especially, Peeta didnt loose his leg...
Movie because I heard the books are boring (and I cba)
in the book has alot more detail more fun to try n see
movie just aint so to detail n cuts out too much
Book! heart
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The book ! rofl rofl rofl
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When is the book not better?

Not all those who wander are lost.
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I'd say just read the books. Don't bother with the movies.
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Definately the book. The movie took out practically all of the meaning. Plus, there wasn't enough blood and gore...
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I like the book but the movie was pretty good and it didn't make the book seem horrible enough that people wouldn't read the book.
Books are so much better :3
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Definitely the book!!! I always prefer the books over the movies, although this was a very enjoyable movie.
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This exactly.

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I liked the book way better than the movie because the movie was too dramatic and the book was simple: Catness is in Hunger Games. Catness wins. Catness has her happily ever after, or something like that. smile

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