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The movie was amazing, you should definitely go see it c: As for the other two books, of course you should read them! They were fantastic. x3

...be ever in your favor.
omg your username skkdfkjasdkfsa


they were amazing. T___T I love dystopian novels.
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Yeah, they're really good!
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                                                  너무 너무 예뻐. <3

                                                  OK. I HAVE DECIDED TO READ THE BOOKS. >(
                                                  I WILL READ THE BOOKS.

                                                  I LOVE YOUR SIGNATURE BTW. CHUNJI FTW. <3

your username reminds me of shinee haha~
noona neomu yeppo~ kekeke.

thank you! cool

i hope you enjoy the hunger games series as much as i did!
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Actually, the movie was very good. Although there were a few things that were not in the movie, it did stay pretty close to the book. Don't worry...it's nothing like Twilight.
I would also recommend reading the other two books.

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I couldn't NOT get the next book, then the next..... heart
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i just finished the first book too! but i saw the movie before reading the book, so it kind of ruined my imaginations of the story
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                                                  AND IT WAS AMAZING. AND I REALLY WANNA SEE THE MOVIE.
                                                  BUT I'M DUBIOUS AS TO WHETHER IT'S WORTH IT.
                                                  I'M WORRIED IT'LL BE LIKE TWILIGHT; OK BOOK (AT THE AGE OF 14)
                                                  BUT SHITTY MOVIE. (I HATE TWILIGHT NOW)
                                                  SO I NEED YOU GUYS TO HELP ME? D;
                                                  AND SHOULD I GO BUY THE NEXT TWO BOOKS?

I couldn't NOT get the next book, then the next..... heart

Why not??? stressed scream

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