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I want to start out saying that I despise anything and everything Twilight. So, if Rob Pattinson were to play Finnick, I would shoot myself. To be honest with you, he killed Twilight for me. I was a fan, went to see the first movie, and left a hater of Twilight.

I didn't do this with The Hunger Games, and I want to keep it that way. I mean, this isn't some film where some Vampire leaves his human girlfriend out in the forest after he dumps her.

So, what I am trying to say is that this better not be true. Rob Pattinson WOULD NOT make a good Finnick. Finnick is sexier than Edward, and I wouldn't be able to watch Catching Fire and Mockingjay if he is in it.
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Ayamae Akahana

I bet he's a great guy and everything, but... I just can't forget... his Edwardness... That creepy stare... emotion_0A0


THIS stare?

That's not quite as creepy. I think there's a laugh under that face.
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must be a troll . . . right?
why god why?!
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Hopefully This Link Will Help..

It's apparently JUST rumors. But then again who knows with the media now a days..
Sure he doesn't look the part of Finnick, but R-Pattz is a pretty good actor but I wouldn't mind.

Let us not forget that Robert Pattinson is like one of the biggest trolls for Twilight. Just because he's in one sucky movie doesn't mean he'll destroy your movie-going experience. He was in the movie, based off the book, Water for Elephants--did he turn Jakob into Edward? No. Give the guy a break.
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Are you serious? My friend is not going to be happy about his. -_-
          s**t what the fuq
          please god no
          no please don't do this to me
I will legitimately throw myself from a building if this happens. The Hunger Games is one of the only things keeping me happy at the moment. If they put some hairy-a**ed turtle butt as Finnick, my life will be over .__________. i hate you rob pat.
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NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! Robert Pattinson can't play Finnick!!! (I want Alex Pettyfer)

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