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With how many people are hating on the movie.

:/ I read the book and watched the movie and I hate to say that I preferred the movie. Between the movie and the book there were very slight differences that personally I don't feel make it any better then the movie. I hope Catching fire and MockingJay are better.

Please argue/discuss with me about how the book was better because I don't see how it was. :T
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I can't argue with you. I did prefer the book, but it's all a matter of opinion.
Well, I did like the book I just can't see how everyone is bashing the movie when it gave the book justice.
I absolutely adore the book. But you are right, the movie did the book justice, and that isn't common. Sure, there were a few things here and there, but overall, I think they nailed it. ;P Bravo for them for getting something right!
People are bitching about the movie (like they do with other book-based movies) because not everything in the book is in the movie.

The only thing that I didn't like was how slow dragging it was when they made it to the capital and how fast the arena part was.

Other than that, I think they did a good job.
I love the movieee(:
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I actually like both the books and the movie. Obviously they can't put in every single detail from the book to the movie because the movie would run so much longer and production value would be greatly increased. I do think they did a good job with the movie and I am anxious to see how the following two movies match up to the books.

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I personally enjoyed my theater experience more, but only because the Hunger Games is pretty much perfect for the big screen. The character-driven plot, the dynamic fight scenes, the awesome set and environment ... That's what makes it perfect to be crafted into a movie. And that's why I liked the movie better. Don't get me wrong, the books were a different experience and good standalones, but I preferred the movie.
I didn't like the movie as much as I thought I would. And not just because I think they could have followed the book better. Haymitch's character in the movie needed better development, actually a lot of the emotional things needed to be better developed - mostly the relationship between characters. But also the beginning was so slooooowww and I don't even think the beginning was done well. I liked up until she got on the train, but the train, the capital, her makeup team, and the training was disappointing for me. That all felt oddly rushed when it should have been slowed down just a little to help with character development.
The book is good, and it's got a few more layers to it but... I really kind of enjoyed the movie more, too. I spent most of the time reading the book thinking 'Aw, this would make an absolutely amazing film,' but as far as the writing itself... It's not bad, by any means, but the writing didn't entirely 'wow' me. Premise, plot, sure, but the style just never quite set with me.
this movie was by far the best movie i have seen in the whole existence of time how someone could possibly be disappointed in this movie is beyond me the acting and the graphics were dot on and don't need changed or anything i thought it was an amazing movie and i couldn't be happier of how it turned out it is better then what i thought it was going to be smile
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People always complain about the movie because it's not exactly the same as the book. I still preferred the book, yes, but I can also say that I adored the movie too for different reasons. Thus I have no argument as to why people consider the books better! For me it's because I love to read and can use my imagination to my hearts content.
In the end it's all a matter of opinion but I do hope people will give both a chance and not just complain about one or the other without indulging in both!
I kinda like the book better than the movie. The movie was great (though my friends say otherwise...)
I feel like the romance in the movie was kinda like "here let's throw in a quick little romance to this killing fest"
Some of my friends say the book is wayyyyyy better than the movies.I honestly could care less about this movie/book.

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