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Bow and arrow please 3nodding
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Shameless Loiterer

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I wouldn't mind a bow in real life. There's a certain elegance to archery that has appealed to me ever since I was young. I also love halberds and morning stars, though I don't know why. They look like they'd be a b***h to use.
for reals? bow and arrow?
Why did u post this if U werent going to give anyone a bow or an arrow? Just to have a lot of comments? Wow. How immature....
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oh oh oh. i love bow and arrows =)
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that's nice
I wish I knew how to shoot a bow
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I L heart VE HUNGERGAMES! blaugh blaugh
being a bow and arrow sharpshooter is super duper coooooooooooooool xp
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Friendly Lunatic

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i want one 3nodding
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You get a bow and arrows! And you get a bow and arrows! Everybody here gets a BOW AND ARROWS!!
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  • Citizen 200
Ohhhhhh!!!! Please! I want a bow!

all I got now is a knife....
I like bows<3

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