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I think the Hunger Games was OK.
There was alot of things I thought was different,
Like in the book, her thoughts were expressed.
The cornocopia looked like a pile of... S4!T.
I'm gonna have to go with the book being better.
Even though Katniss can't make up her freaking mind
about who she likes. >w<"
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Eh, I thought it was OK. They made the cornucopia look like garbage, it was supposed to be big and gold in color. They cut a little too much out, and I was disappointed with how some of the characters were portrayed. Overall, it was one of the better book-to-movie conversions I have seen.
@Siberys: Yes, I definitley agree!
And I imagined Haymitch to be more... Dirty looking.
The guy the put in as him was way to hot.. ^^;
And about the cornocopia, I agree also.
It looked like a crash site of something to me...
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i liked then both but im more of a lover of books so ima have to go with the book. but alas not enough descrition was made. i was urrning for some awesome action but they totally made it look really freaking fake.
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Pros: More in-depth, much more description, able to see moral value of series better, showed character growth in a reasonable and logical amount of time/trials.

Cons: she had to add a love triangle -____-


Pros: Action was okay, faces were put to the characters, able to SEE emotions

Cons: LONG as hell, dulled down the cruelty of the Capitol

Overall opinion: Book was better, but I reserve all judgements until all movies release. wink
I really enjoyed the books. It's been a while since I enjoyed a book this much.

I am afraid of watching the movie though. I keep getting mixed reviews on it. I have asked a few people that have read the books if they liked the movie, some say yes, some no.

I think I will wait until it comes out on Redbox and rent it for a dollar.
the hunger games movie and books are off the chain emotion_bigheart
I read all the books. They were very interersting, they kept me reading them non-stop.
I saw the trailer for it in the movie theaters, and i was a little scared they might butcher it. I went and saw it in the theater with some of my friends who also read the books when it came out.
After the movie we all had different opinions about it. Some of us were really disappointed, others were amazed. I personally thought it was pretty good. The character development was the only thing i found to be bad. But it was still a very good book to movie adaption.
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I know the movie didn't really cover a lot from the book but, from the movie maker's perspective, showing the actual bloodbath of children slaughtering each other would have made it really difficult to reach a wide audience, so dulling the cruelty was a good move on their part.

I think, as far as book to movie adaptations go, they did a splendid job. Of course it's not perfect, because everyone interprets what they read differently. However, they did a good job of making the movie something a wide audience could appreciate and still get a good sense of who the characters are as people, where they come from and how they think.
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I thought the movie was adapted very nicely, and I only have a few things that kinda bug me:

1: The cornucopia. As said before, that is NOT how it was imagined.

2:Rue's death. It seemed rather rushed in certain moments.

3: The muttations. I think anyone who's read the book will understand.

4: I'm also pretty sure that Foxface died after Thresh. Am I wrong? (This is just a hunch)

5: Prim seemed rather emotionless to me in the movie. (And when she wasn't like that, she was flippin' out. razz )

I'll probly think of more as I go along.

Also, did anyone else think that the camera was a little shaky? Was this on purpose?

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