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and about how she was all depressed and insane as a bad thing....I'm sure you would come out of going through not one, but two games where you had to kill people you knew nothing about and go through losing people you loved perfectly fine right? -_-....

Her being crazy really didn't bother me. By the end she's got PTSD, what, three times over? The first Game, the Quell, and the Capitol blitz?
In a way, i do feel that mockingjay was rushed at the end but i still loved it none the less. There was major tragedy with Prim but you have to admit, i kinda felt it was leaning towards it because Katniss was losing herself and got to relaxed in her depression. Also she was so bent on revenge for snow that she didnt keep her mind clear of the fact that Prim was still in danger. I actually liked the way Peeta was brought back into katniss's life. It happened gradually from the way it was written that it took a long time for trust to happen in the relationship. But the kids sealed the deal for me. Even through tragedy, there can still be hope. Plus i dont think Katniss could trust Gale anymore because she might be thinking it was his bombs that killed her sister.
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Truthfully I didn't, but then I get some sugary 'happily ever after' s**t.

Being wracked with depression and violent flashbacks for the rest of your lives is sugary?

No, but getting married, having a family, and living in a fairytale style village is. The depression and flashbacks were thrown in as a token 'oh by the way they aren't totally over it yet'.

Realistically, the flashbacks and depression would only be the tip of the iceberg. They wouldn't even be fit to be left alone with each other for very long, and forget taking care of children. They'd never be capable of that.

I said 'for this type of book' for a reason. Sure, the ending in the broad spectrum it is pretty sad, but for this specific kind of story? It's a ********' happily ever after. No way around it.
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I thought this was the worst book of the Trilogy. I agree that it was horrible living in Katniss's mind, and that's what annoyied me most. I didn't mind the plot of the book, but wish it had at least been told from another POV. The end was also not what I was expecting at all. Katniss just needed to grow up and realize her life wasn't the worst. Poor Peeta continually had nightmares and couldn't even tell what was completely real or not. This book did not satisfy the hunger and fire that the first two books had installed.
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I agree I am just disappointed at the book and Collins writing emotion_facepalm
Peeta and Katniss needed eachother, that is why they ended up together. Plus, they probably had kids to gain more population, because they no longer needed to fear that they would go into a hunger games, and it is a better time now. Yeah, the ending isn't what I expected. It is better than being predictable.
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It was sobering as I finished it in the psych ward. Existential angst.
I strongly disagree. I'd like to see you write something better then Suzanne Collins.
i have to admit, towards the end of the third book it did kinda seem like collins was getting lazy and just wanted to end the thing. i was really sad when prim died, i mean, what does that accomplish? and suddenly gale is gone probably "with another pair of lips"? and her mother vanishes? 20something years later she and peeta are happy with kids. the end. but the rest of it i LOVED! i was moping around for over a week after i finished the series. best. books. ever.
Kitara Lira
I disagree. I thought it was a beautiful and realistic ending.

AMAZING - no question
I thought the ending was fine. And the writing was still terrific in my opinion. I got the feel of the fast-paced action near the end, and then when Prim died, I could just feel the lost haze kind of eyes I believe Collins was trying to express (And if not, its an added bonus, because thats how I felt it was to be read.)

And in the end, Gale leaves, her mother goes and throws herself into her work, obviously trying to force the whole situation down, and Peeta comes back. It never said they lived happily ever after or anything. She still had nightmares, he still had episodes. They were both broken, just as Snow intended. Most of that was to be expected. Then, in the end (The ending was ment to be years later.) the ended up having kids, and truly falling in love, even though neither of them are who they were before.

And yes, in a war of such sorts, lots of lives are lost. Finnick died in battle. In honor. These things happen. And as much as I liked Finnick, and Boggs, and basically everyone else that lost their lives, people are taken out of the world in battle all the time. Thats just how it is.

I thought that was a pretty good ending to me. Its more realistic. No one in reality is going to come out of bat-s**t-hell and come out and have a happily ever after without atleast emotional trauma.
finnicks death made me want to kill the world
I was really disappointed with the whole book honestly.
They could've at least made Katniss and Gale get together to at least show some hope of how things used to be *sigh*
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Kitara Lira
I disagree. I thought it was a beautiful and realistic ending.

If you read the trilogy expecting some mystical fairytale ending... I feel like you might have misunderstood a large premise of the books.
The ending isn't to realistic. Out of nowhere Peeta's in her home again. He sleeps with her to comfort her and all of a sudden they have 3 children.

When did "15 years" become "all of a sudden"? It took months before she finally admitted she loved him.

Also keep in mind that we didn't really know Gale very well before the third book. He was barely in the first two. Maybe he was always bloodthirsty! In any case, I loved Snow in the third book. Best-executed character in the series.
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I was really disappointed with the whole book honestly.
They could've at least made Katniss and Gale get together to at least show some hope of how things used to be *sigh*

You mean how it used to be, when they lived in the crapsackiest village of a crapsack world?

There was never any hope for those two. :I Stop expecting authors to satisfy your ships. I honestly doubt that after his bombs were used to kill Prim, he could ever look Katniss in the eye again.

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