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the book is better
welp hope to here from mor an mor ppl ttyl
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the book was way better then movie
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i thought that the movie was ok but the book was better because the movie didnt even show parts that the book told us about that were gd so the movie was a complete downer talk2hand heart stressed 3nodding

The movie failed. Why, you ask, do I say such a cold and heartless thing? The actors were superb, the following of the storyline- epic. BUT what they left out was katniss's thoughts. They had to have that inner dialogue, things that would explain a lot of things that people that were NOT fans of the book, didn't understand. For example, my father who went to watch it. He said it was a complete waste of time because he didn't understand why the kids were sent to kill each other in the arena. I tried to explain to him, but he's just going to have to read the book, lol.
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the book is the best!!
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the book is the best!!
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the book was the best..and i dnt read books but this one was worth it
i find that the movie was okay but they could of put more details of when they went into the capital and stuff like that.
i was really expecting more from the movie razz
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well to my calculations... the book is pretty better than the movie... the book gave more information than the movie whee
I LOVED the books!!! 4laugh they were sooo good... And I loved the movie too, but the book was definatley better. Although all books are gonna be better than the movies cause they cant go into detail like the books do, but anyway, can't wait for Catching Fire to come out in theaters!! heart
i like the novel better then the movie cuz i had more drama
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I didn't see the movie yet but I just finished the book yesterday. The book was GOOD! I'll get back to this forum after I see the movie.
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The book is better at being a book and the movie is better at being a movie.

I like how the movie didn't try to be the book, but didn't disrespect it.
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Both were very lovely, but of course I must say that the book is always better.
A book always has much more detail, and the trilogy was absolutely fantastic (imo).

The movie was a very well-done adaptation, though. They cut out what they had to, but it didn't
make the movie unwatchable to a fan like myself. The people that complain about the little things just need
to relax and be glad that they even got a movie.
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I thought the movie was pretty awesome...

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