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i thought that the movie was ok but the book was better because the movie didnt even show parts that the book told us about that were gd so the movie was a complete downer talk2hand heart stressed 3nodding
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I wouldn't say that the movie was a downer, but it did lack a lot of things that should have been included, or say handled differently.
Personally I thought that not making it obvious that Peeta lost his leg was a very bad move, and the entire emotions that Katniss had to go through while in the arena were downplayed severely.
On the other hand I thought it caught the atmosphere well, the acting was good, and the music was good too.
The entire first half of the movie, up until the actual game, were almost identical to the book, which I liked.
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the BOOK WAS WAY BETTER!!!!! the movie was ok, but the book gave more action/description than the movie did. xp heart
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i feel, the book and movie were really alike, I mean there were some differences but i dnt feel what they left out was all that important. The movie didn't have any surprises
i definally liked the books better .... the movie was dissapointing crying but some parts were pretty good
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The book is better, but that is pretty much to be expected. I loved the movie, though. Sure, they left out a lot of details, but most of what they left out would be difficult to incorporate into the movie.
Face it. The novel is almost always better.
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Very rare to have the movies fallow the book.
haven't seen the movie YET, but i'm hoping it's good as the novel!! biggrin
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as with any movie adaptation, things have to be cut for reasons (like time and other things). The director's cut may have some more that book-fans were missing. But overall I think they did a great job adapting it. It made me want to read the books, and within a week I had finished the series.
Now the books give you a different view, because you're seeing everything from Katniss's point-of-view and hearing her thoughts on everything and everyone.
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I will always without a doubt pick books, because they came first and are usually more detailed, and I would rather read than watch a movie. I would say that they did a really good job with the movie though, although I was upset that they didn't explain about the mockingjays, or mention the avoxes.
My expectations for the movie were really high, so in the end I became disappointed. After watching it the second time, I realized that I actually did enjoy the movie, and overall it wasn't bad. I do prefer the book though. I know this is off-topic, but did anybody hear what Cato said in the movie to Katniss when they were on top of the Cornocopia with his arms around Peeta's neck?
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As far as books being turned into movies go, the Hunger Games movie was the best I've seen. Yes, there are some parts that got left out or weren't accurate, but the movie makers still did a pretty good job. Some of the characters didn't look like what I imagined and, yes, you don't get the full understanding of Katniss's emotions in the arena in the movie as well as you do in the book, but that's probably because they didn't want to hire a narrator to narrate her thoughts, which probably would've turned out badly anyway. I have to credit the movie's quality, though, to the fact that Suzanne Collins was one of the two people who wrote the screenplay(I believe that's what it's called) or at least that's what I think the credits said. I give the Hunger Games movie 4 out of 5 stars. biggrin gaia_star gaia_star gaia_star gaia_star
The movie was inifinitely better.
well ya i agree wit all yals book n novel r otay thats y i gave u my addience the choice to sy which ones better in ur oustanding in my post NOVEL VS MOVIE

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