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He honestly annoyed me at first, but once they were in the games I saw a different side to him.

That's when I started liking Finnick. Not when he was this Trident Wielding Adonis who captured the hearts of the Capitol. The scared and desperate Finnick interacting with Mags and Annie.
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At first I thought, "Douchey, gorgeous dude...Let the love-hating begin."
Eventually I came to adore Finnick, though, and I think he's my favorite character out of the entire series.
I hate how he died. I keep thinking that if Katniss hadn't tried to scra cry mble back down that ladder, he might have had time to escape.
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Ugh. I hate the fact that he died. It was so shitty scream
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See, I adored him right off. xD Just the way he was constantly screwing with Katniss's head, offering sugar cubes, and then helping her with that knot in the training area (from behind, all sexy-like ;D ).

Then, there was that phase where we were all "Oh s**t, is he working for Haymitch or is he just another tribute looking for a kill?"

And then as the story progressed, and we found out about Annie, he just grew on me even more. The guy just had so much character depth.

And then, when he died, it crushed me.

Everyone's favorite character, and he dies in such a stupid way. I was so angry. And they mentioned the mini-Finnick that Annie had given birth to, and I was all..."Just this one time, you get a get out of jail free pass, Ms. Collins."
At first i thought he's a douche.

But then! He was actually one of the most likable characters in the series. mrgreen

Katniss should have returned to the ladder to save him. crying
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I liked Finnick but Mockingjay was just horrible and the way he died was abrupt and stupid in my opinion
His death was so quick that I had to go back a whole chapter because I misread it (I think it was 3 o'clock in the morning too) but I was all "Wait, where the hell is Finnick?! Katniss hasn't mentioned him in a while."
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Finnick oh lala~
;C Shitty the way he died. Left poor Annie and his babeh all alone :C

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